PAP shortchanged voters, fielded candidate with known serious medical condition in GE 2015

Although PAP has finally decided to come clean with voters, it has also confirmed it propensity to conceal material information. “MP Charles Chong ‘courageous’ to stand in Punggol East despite liver condition: Ng Eng Hen”. CNA

It is wrong for any candidate to conceal a serious medical condition from voters but PAP MP Charles Chong did precisely that. Worse, Minister Ng thought this was “courageous”.

More than a year after GE 2015, his medical condition was still known only to the PAP. On 2 December, CNA reported “Punggol East MP Charles Chong on 8 weeks’ medical leave” and published only what PAP wanted the public to know. link

Charles was “diagnosed with a liver condition about three years ago” and since he would be earning almost 200,000 tax dollars annually, he was obligated to disclose his medical condition. Charles should not have anyhow assumed PAP was his paymaster.

Minister Ng’s FB post praised Charles as someone “ready to fight” when he was asked by PM Lee to stand in Punggol East before GE 2015. It seems the role of an MP is to fight for his party.

To Minister Ng, it was all about winning for PAP as confirmed by “Charles fought hard and won back the constituency”. But what’s the point when he could not serve them well with his deteriorating medical condition?

Minister Ng lavished more praise and said Charles had told him that “he would stand at [in] Aljuneid, if asked!”. Ng seemed to think that a good MP should also be a willing sacrificial lamb for PAP.

The primary role of an MP is to serve constituents but Charles has shortchanged them by not being upfront with his medical condition. Charles and the PAP had already known there would come a time when his ‘service’ would be interrupted with his deteriorating medical condition.

Are there other sick PAP MPs who need 8 or 80 weeks’ medical leave as well?

No political party should conceal any known serious medical condition of any candidate before an election. This is common sense.

PAP has shortchanged voters by fielding Charles Chong in GE 2015 as he had been diagnosed with a liver condition 2 years earlier.

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7 Responses to PAP shortchanged voters, fielded candidate with known serious medical condition in GE 2015

  1. Wom Xian Long says:

    So next time job interview , I purposely hide my medical condition means I am courageous?

    • Phillip Ang says:

      Charles has the courage – he is not afraid of voters’ outrage. Ng Eng Hen is even more ridiculous to equate concealing information to being courageous. No wonder our Terrex tanks are still having a holiday in Hong Kong. 😦

  2. So 1trg says:

    Charles Chong is a liar, has been to win the election and is still now. Hear that Charles Chong family, your pa, your Son, your husband is a liar. Just for that pittance.

  3. Buckaroo says:

    Alcohol is less damaging than having an Affair, Palmer knew that, Charles knew that.

  4. Buckaroo says:

    Or Should I Say, Charles knew that but Palmer didn’t know that.

  5. Confused says:

    Maybe it goes to say one thing- They are chosen not because of their ability to serve and their presence or absence is not that important but to make up the number and to draw on the free tax monies. This is quite in sync with the claim that they are what you termed as “Jiak Liao Bee”

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