20161219 Minimal migrant workers’ rights in Singapore but shameless government takes credit for helping foreign workers

Not a day goes by without the PAP government engaging in propaganda to praise itself.

This is clearly evident in Ass T’s “Migrant Workers’ Centre a heavyweight among NGOs helping foreign workers” yesterday. link

Firstly, the Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC) is not an NGO. MWC was set up in 2009 by the NTUC and SNEF – both organisations are government-affiliated with PAP-appointed directors and management. NGO? Perhaps Ass T readers were born yesterday.

Helping migrant workers was only on paper from 2009 till the 2012 strike by Chinese SMRT bus drivers.

When Ass T states “The centre has conducted outreach to more than 650,000 workers since 2009”, it is clearly misleading readers. Outreach could mean handing out 650,000 flyers.

MWC is considered an NGO simply because PAP’s Yeo Guat Kwang, NTUC Ass Sec-Gen, says “MWC sees itself as an NGO”. Yeo is one joker, or maybe out of his mind, to claim that “both NTUC and SNEF are NGOs”.

PAP joker Yeo Guat Kwang explaining why MWC is an NGO. Clever to play with words siah.

While government-linked companies were exploiting migrant workers, concerned citizens had set up HOME, TWC2 and Healthserve to offer whatever limited help they could. Admirable indeed.

Name Year formed
Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC) 2009
HOME 2004
TWC2 2004
Healthserve 2006

Tens of thousands of migrant workers had already been assisted by HOME, TWC2 and Healthserve but MWC suddenly became a “heavyweight among NGOs”? Talking cock again, right?

Anyone making such a statement must be damn siah-sway.

MWC also boasts it has 17 staff, higher than the 3 real NGOs. Resources are important but passion and initiative is what really counts. Gahmen people tend to await instructions and productivity is therefore much lower. Even if MWC has 17 staff, it is likely to be doing a similar amount of work compared with the other NGOs.

The reason why migrant construction workers are in so much shit is mainly due to non existent labour laws to protect them, similar to local employees. MOM could not have been unaware of this or it must have been sleeping on the job.

The PAP government has not even tried to prevent workers from being exploited through proper legislations. By only treating the symptoms, migrant workers will remain at the mercy of their employers and agents who are in cahoots with them.

How could PAP attempt to take credit when migrant workers are still accorded minimal rights and protection? How could PAP be so shameless?

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