20161217 After PAP shortchanged cleaners for more than a decade, Ass T says cleaners should celebrate for 6 years

I don’t subscribe to The Straits Times and it’s really stupid to pay for propaganda.

Popularly called S T, it’s more like Ass T as readers will eventually start to think like one.  No offence to the animal concerned.

Government mouthpiece should be renamed.


Ass T’s journalists are like PAP politicians living in the past when propaganda worked wonders.  Time has continued to stand still.

Anyone feel like reading some really stupid stuff written a few days ago, there’s Ass T’s Toh Yong  Chuan praising the PAP, government-linked companies, PAP-appointed committees and all things PAP for “Giving cleaners a reason to celebrate – for 6 years”.

It doesn’t matter to him cleaners were screwed by those he admires for more than a decade.

Toh: “For 10 long years, between 2001 and 2010, wages of cleaners had been depressed …saw an influx of foreign workers ..depressed wages…”.

Toh simply reframed the issue from PAP screwing up cleaners to PAP helping cleaners and finally, they should be ecstatic for the next 6 years!

Ass T readers do have a choice to stop thinking like an ass – stop their subscription. 🙂


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2 Responses to 20161217 After PAP shortchanged cleaners for more than a decade, Ass T says cleaners should celebrate for 6 years

  1. James says:

    It isn’t really the Ass T’s fault. As long as they know there are dumb shits in Singapore who believe in the crap that they write, the Ass T will continue to do so. The real problem lies in the dumb shits out there. They are the nutrients that feed the cancer.

  2. Confused says:

    One moment cannot set minimum wage for workers.
    Next moments (1 to 2 years later or as many have short memory), the minimum starting wage for cleaners and security personnel would be xxxxx and yyyyy?

    Are the pap slapping their own face?

    However, would this U-turn be still seen as a “thoughtful move” of the pap after being screwed for decade/ if not decades?

    Many conveniently forget about the hard work by others that led to the pap flipped and flopped.

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