20161215 ST article confirms Singapore workers’ unions are useless

I refer to ST article, “Guaranteed pay rises will bring relief, say cleaners”. link

As usual, ST has again published a half truth because not all cleaners will get a guaranteed pay rise. ūüė¶

But in its attempt to carry PAP’s balls, ST has actually shot its master and confirmed the non existence or uselessness of¬†workers’ unions. That’s the positive part about the article.

The first interviewee, Leow Chin Kia, has been a cleaning supervisor earning a stagnant pay of $1300 for 8 years.  Leow is among tens of thousands of cleaners who have seen their salaries stagnate, most earning negative real wages for years.


The PAP government has been talking about helping low wage workers since years ago.¬† Since they are still talking today, the $200 proposed wage increase¬†will be implemented only next year and¬†over a 3-year period. Doesn’t matter if cleaners have been shortchanged for years with inflation having eaten into their miserable wages.

The best part is this¬†will¬†become a reality only for a small percentage of cleaners as cleaning¬†companies are¬†only encouraged, not obligated,¬†by PAP wayang actors masking as labour chiefs to help increase cleaners’ wages.

As for the other interviewee, Junaina Ismail, ST puts the¬†blame on a common practice – wage reset – in the cleaning industry.¬† When a wage reset¬†occurs, a cleaner’s wage falls back to the minimum level or $1000 due to a change in service providers or when contracts with service buyers are renewed.

Junaina has been a cleaner for the past 15 years earning $1400 before “she was sent to a new workplace last year”.¬† The transfer to a new workplace by her company caused her income to fall to $1000, a drastic reduction of 28%.

A wage reset is possible only in an environment where workers have no real union protection.  ST is too pai seh to state this fact but has done so indirectly.

Less educated cleaners are also competing with foreigners for wages in a race to the bottom, no thanks to our FT policy.

PAP MP Sapari, “Tripantat” Cluster for Cleaners chairman and star wayang actor, says he hopes the belated increase in a¬†low pay job, will somehow … just somehow¬†“attract even younger workers to become cleaners”.¬†¬†ITE may soon be¬†conducting¬†related courses.

Besides foreigners earning third-world wages back home, who is attracted to low pay jobs?¬† Sapari’s relatives¬†and PAP MPs?¬†¬†Is this the kind of good jobs PAP has been creating for Singaporeans, preparing us for the¬†economic crisis akan datang?

Every Singaporean, regardless of the nature of their work, must be able to earn a decent wage without having to beg the PAP for handouts.

Negative real wages and wage “resets” would never have occurred to this extent if workers have real unions to protect them, especially the less- or uneducated.

Nevertheless, I would like to¬†thank ST for¬† highlighting the uselessness of our workers’ unions.

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3 Responses to 20161215 ST article confirms Singapore workers’ unions are useless

  1. James says:

    Phillip, you are absolutely right. I understood this some 25 years ago and could never understand why the majority of Singaporeans couldn’t. But I guess they are entitled to their utter stupidity. The only problem is that if the majority of your countrymen are like that, what kind of future do we have? For those who are not brain damaged by the insidious indoctrination, I have only one piece of advice – leave if you have the chance. Otherwise, there is little hope for a better future.

  2. sinkie says:

    Singapore’s unions have been losing memberships over the past 10 years. And in fact they are now populated more & more by foreigners — roughly 50% of members are non-S’poreans. This is because the bulk of unionised jobs are being done by foreigners, and most Sinkies are in jobs which are either non-unionable or where union membership have limited or no protection (e.g. PMEs).

    Unions in Singapore have been castrated 50 years ago and are largely irrelevant other than being a propaganda movement & cushy jiak liao bee jobs for PAPies. Now with foreigners soon becoming the majority in union members, Singapore unions will also become PAP’s propaganda mouthpiece for more pro-foreigners policies.

  3. Confused says:

    Not many years back, we have people urging the government to set minimum wages for the workers in Singapore and no clear response from the state then.

    However, in the past 2 years, you started seeing news that cleaners’ wage to start off with minimum $1000 and now is set to go up further forget about if there is stagnation overall or not. I remembered seeing cleaners (foreign workers) paid about $700/month to the current rate of $1300. The actual reason for this drive is only know to the pap?

    Similarly, security personnel in the security industry were used to be paid a basic pay of about $700/month many years back and they used to take home gross of $1500 after working 12-hours shift. We are now paying close to gross of $2700/month.

    There is a lot of political mileage gain whether intentional or not because those we were paid very low in the past would now kow tow to the pap and they would stand to gain more support. Those people who were benefited totally forgot about this was the results campaigned and fought by others in the past.

    Left, right, centre, front and back, the pap continues to score political points even when they have screwed big earlier, there are more to this, that say so much of the majority?

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