20161215 Nothing wrong with Minister Grace Fu chope-ing reserved car park slot

Minister Grace Fu has recently been in the news again, and as usual, for the wrong reasons – a plainclothes policeman chope-ing a reserved parking slot for her.


Chope-ing is commonly observed at hawker centres and food courts but never at restaurants frequented by the elites who have no issue with making a reservation.

Chope-ing is actually a common practice in our overpopulated red dot with time tight and kisasu citizens who are constantly rushing to their grave.

Reserving a table by commoners, ie chope-ing, is easier than making a phone call and mostly done with a packet of tissue paper but never with a wallet or mobile phone.

Over time, Singaporeans have come up with more creative ways to ensure other patrons get the message.


Singaporeans should learn to appreciate Grace for going the extra mile to learn a commoner’s practice.

I suspect Grace Fu might have forgotten to bring along a packet of tissue paper on that day and the only option was to treat the policeman as one.

For residents who complained that it was a reserved slot, don’t non-residents park in reserved slots on a daily basis?  Why pick on a minister now?  It’s really unfair to Grace. 😦

Grace was simply trying to do as the Romans do in Rome and we should not fault the minister for attempting to be like one of us.

Singaporeans should not KPKB and instead be thankful to have Grace as our minister.


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