20161205 Are PAP ministers monkeys or just inadequate ministers?

Before 1990, the PM’s salary had already increased by 170% (1973), 79% (1981) and 200% (1989).  But in our system with greed running amok, money was forever in short supply to the elites.

We had ‘leaders’ like Lau Goh and LKY who were able to cook up really incredible justifications to line their own pockets despite already being paid many times higher than their counterparts in other countries.  Both insisted that ministerial/public service salaries must be pegged to the highest in the private sector, which was of course … rubbish. Double confirmed rubbish when they have now accepted stagnant wages for 4 years despite yearly salary increases in the private sector.

LKY even went as far as claiming that wages must “commensurate with what men of their ability and integrity are earning for managing a big corporation or successful legal or other professional practice …”.  But which PAP minister has ever helmed a big corporation in the private sector?

Fact: None of the ministers in the cabinet has helmed a big non PAP-affiliated corporation.  Except for Shanmugam, every single one of them has been dependent on tax dollars, or worked in GLCs, from about 2 to more than 4 decades.

The ministerial pay formula is now a slap in PAP’s face.  Last year, PAP MP Edwin Tong raised the question of reviewing ministerial salaries to which DPM Teo was too pai seh and gave a non reply. link

But didn’t Lau Goh say that “If we do not pay Ministers adequately, we will get inadequate Ministers.  If you pay peanuts, you will get monkeys for your Ministers”.

Stagnant public sector pay while private sector’s increased = inadequate/peanuts pay for ministers.

Ministers = What?

The best brains in the country now worth so little?  Cannot be leh. No inflation?  How they survive like that?

If PAP ministers do not resign en masse, wouldn’t that confirm Lau Goh and LKY were talking cock?

Since 2011, the ‘discount’ to top private sector salaries has been getting bigger because salaries of top income earners have gone up by million$.  An example would be DBS CEO who saw his pay increased by $2.1 million from $8.08 million to by $10.9 million last year.

Why aren’t ministers quitting and landing themselves $10 million jobs?  Aren’t they losing $9 million every year that they remain as ministers?

As CEO of Singapore Inc, PM Lee is the biggest loser considering SMRT CEO commanded the same pay last year while running a constantly breaking down system.  Worse, when NOL was sunk by ex paper general CEO Ng Yat Chung, he was earning almost twice PM Lee’s salary.

Perhaps Lau Goh is right about our inadequate ministers? Or else, how to explain our infrastructures breaking down at record pace, building parts falling off, lifts going haywire, rogue MRT trains, national assets now in the hands of foreign investors, military equipment kena seized, major line outage with untraceable cause, etc.


Most Singaporeans are still unaware that before the drastic pay revision, ministers, perm secs, parl secs, mayors, etc, were able to pay themselves a maximum of 36.5 months.of their monthly wages or a maximum of 20.5-month bonuses. (table below)



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7 Responses to 20161205 Are PAP ministers monkeys or just inadequate ministers?

  1. Amy Lauschke says:

    Ng Eng Hen was a top surgeon running his private practice.

    • Phillip Ang says:

      He stopped practising in 2001. 5 years as SGH consultant surgeon earlier was earning tax dollars. Wife is Singhealth CEO, earning tax dollars. Ng had his own private practice but certainly wasn’t a big corporation. 😦

  2. Edwin says:

    Surely ex-Chairman of the policy steering committee of the IMF and current G30 Chairman is substantial enough to match experience in “large” corporation. There is a rose within the thorns.

  3. Confused says:

    As CEO of Singapore Inc, PM Lee is the biggest loser considering SMRT CEO commanded the same pay last year while running a constantly breaking down system. Worse, when NOL was sunk by ex paper general CEO Ng Yat Chung, he was earning almost twice PM Lee’s salary.

    If the rumour that Ho Ching is getting over $20 millions a year, then their combined income (GFI, Group Family Income same like GRC effect) would be say $25 millions, and their resulting average income would be $12.5 millions each? I wouldn’t complain if it is true, would you?

    • host says:

      Who knows what insider trading they doing, selling out the country by taking opposite bets from loss making GIC and temasek?

      • Confused says:

        Well said.

        I have thinking about how our top paid Civil servants including the ministers invested their “hard” earned monies, just invest in properties? Wouldn’t they want Temasek to invest their surplus monies? But how? Theoretically the fund in Temasek are all people’s monies, cannot comingle like cpf, right?

        If I were to think of a solution for them, I would privatise some of the potentially high growth company so that they can invest after IPO, in other countries, maybe even before IPO with special discount some more, don’t know about in singapore.

        After hitting some growth and if problems arose maybe like the smrt with profits potentially badly hit? Quickly take that under state umbrella and those earlier “investments ” with good return can go back to their pockets? Whatever losses would be for the people to bear?

        This is just my wild guess. I am not as smart as the scholars, I believe they can think better way out.

  4. DavidLKSee says:

    [ This writer is a 69-year old Pioneer Generation S’porean who had completed full-time National Service (among early batches) ]

    (1) “Monkey Politics” in Singapore:

    Cunningly-Clever PAP threaten S’pore Voters: Pay PEANUTS, and you’ll get CORRUPT Monkeys!
    Not-Daft S’pore Voters say: Pay BIG BANANAS, but still get INCOMPETENT Chimpanzees !!!

    (2) “Monkey Antics” of PAP Political Elite:

    I scratch your back, you scratch mine.
    I cover your backside, you cover mine.

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