20161204 Massive line outage caused by rogue submarine cable*, Singtell says sorry

4 December 2016
CEO, Singtell

Dear valued subscribers

On behalf of Singtell, I would like to extend my apology to all of you for the massive disruption in our fibre broadband services on 3 Dec.

Most of our subscribers had posted messages on social media asking about the cause of this once-in-50-years outage.  Since the issue has now been progressively resolved, please allow me to provide a full explanation.

With the help of government scientists from C*STARS (pronounced ‘see stars’), we had actually managed to establish the cause of the outage within 2 hours after the first expletives were posted on our Facebook.  After incorporating multiple dimensions in their analysis, the scientists managed to trace the issue to a rogue submarine cable in the South China Sea (SCS).

We immediately contacted our former national shipping company, APeeL, for assistance as we were informed they were familiar with the location and had the equipment to repair the rogue submarine cable lying about 23,456 metres below sea level.

The fastest APeeL ship, with a top speed of 150 knots, was dispatched and it arrived at the location in less than 59.5 minutes.  Equipped with a deep sea diving suit, hot glue and super glue, we were hopeful that the job could be completed in less than 30 minutes.

But before the diver could be winched down into the sea, 5 armed helicopters approached the APeeL ship in an intimidating manner and instructed all operations to cease.  The ship was also instructed to sail to an undisclosed port.

The experienced captain, Master F U Lui then followed protocol to a T and reported back to APeeL head office to inform management that his ship had been seized.  This was because APeeL had earlier been ordered to steer clear of the SCS due to an ongoing court case where its shipment had been impounded.

Since APeeL had not seek permission to operate in the SCS, the powerful country  had decided to impound not only whatever shipment on board but the entire ship.

Singtell had no choice but to settle for another company which did not have a record of breaching customs clearance procedures.  This caused the delay of an additional 15 hours.

A few subscribers have accused Singtell of competing with SMRT to see whose disruption will cause more havoc for Singaporeans.  There is no truth in such a comparison and it should be ignored.

We understand your frustrations and as a gesture of our appreciation for your understanding and patience, we will extend the waiver of mobile data charges for another day.

Once again, our sincerest apology.

Chua Soh Tong
CEO, Singtell

Please note title has been edited to reflect real issue 🙂

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