20161204 LTA conducting new trial to push public transport to breaking point

Our MRT system has become more unreliable and chronic issues will never be resolved.  This is because it was designed with a 4 million population in mind more than 30 years ago.

A vehicle with a max load of 40 passengers, forced to take 56 currently and gradually increasing to 69 and beyond will break down.  No need to be a rocket scientist to understand this.

On 1 December, LTA began a new trial to encourage more vehicle owners to switch to public transport.  An incentive for them – their PMDs and e-scooters will be allowed on trains and buses even during peak hours.

Although this group of mostly executives is targeted by LTA, what happens when tens of thousands of other commuters start to do likewise?  Anyone monitoring to ensure oversized devices are not carried on board?

The PAP elites have already started their propaganda drive to push through their plan. After the start of the trial 4 days ago, a government mouthpiece article has already confirmed the ‘success’.  It really doesn’t matter if it was the view of only one commuter (let’s call him ‘A’).  From his description of the journey, it was smooth as silk, almost perfect.

‘A’ acknowledged that he was lucky from the get-go because “there were no passengers with foldable bikes or PMDs on the bus as regulations allow only one at any time”.

Most commuters are not aware of this regulation.  Just imagine you have waited 10 minutes for your bus and not being allowed to board because another commuter with a PMD was on board.

Wait for the next bus?  What if it’s packed like sardines, as is usually the case during peak hours?

According to ‘A’:
– Other commuters did not have any problem with his e-scooter.
– They even made way for him.

But how exactly did anyone make way for him when trains are jam-packed during peak hours?
A normal train during peak hours looks like this.

Hmm … so ‘A’ was second time lucky when he was one of three passengers standing in the entire cabin during peak hours!

So this is how government trials are conducted and its success is already guaranteed.

How come when Minister Khaw took the train, maybe a couple of times during his lifetime, he was one of the sardines but not ‘A’?

‘A’ also mentioned twice in the article that other passengers “didn’t seem to mind” his e-scooter.  Was ‘A’ a mind reader of sorts?  Wait till you take the same train as Khaw then come and say hor.

Like the PAP which like to teach father the thing he knows best, ‘A’ opined: “…more people taking public transport is a good thing.” But why doesn’t ‘A’ also inform the government that having a reliable system is a good thing instead of an unreliable one?

Do Singaporean private vehicle owners not know what is good for them?  How to expect them to switch to public transport when chances of being late for work has been increasing along with major disruptions?

Stupid and self-insulting statements to make right?

Why is ‘A’ helping PAP to put the cart before the horse?

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3 Responses to 20161204 LTA conducting new trial to push public transport to breaking point

  1. Confused says:

    Unless it’s only allowed during the very very off peak period, it’s a disaster waiting to happen very very soon. Kind of brainless move when people already have to jam packed to get into the train during peak period.

  2. Tan hwa says:

    The last they ask senior citizens to travel at non peak period.now…….?????

    • Phillip Ang says:

      It’s such a silly idea but they don’t travel by public transport so they don’t really care. Talking about senior citizens, the elites are also aware of our ageing population issue but an increasing number of cabins do not have any seats.

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