20161202 Which SAF paper general is responsible for Terrex ICV fiasco?

It has been more than a week since our 9 Terrex ICVs were seized by China and it looks like China has gotten PAP by the balls.

No thanks to whichever SAF clown at the paper general level, Singapore is on its knees begging for the return of our property:  Hong Kong’s law was breached.

(China is not any Singaporean whose property could be confiscated by the police for no bloody good reason and it appears PAP is having a taste of its own medicine. China is a corrupt country, a cowboy town. PAP should know how it will be treated because it treats Singaporeans in the same manner.)

Ministers and the Army Chief seemed to have forgotten that their media statements are not only for domestic consumption and have continued to talk cock.  How does that help?

Army Chief has displayed incompetence and should step down after the issue blows over. Not realising the world has changed, Melvin Ong said: “Hong Kong is a common international port of call for many foreign militaries  … There have been no issues in the past, so this is a first.” link

Does Melvin mean to say that SAF has broken Hong Kong’s law for many years and this is the first time we are caught?

Talking without first thinking, Melvin said: “We have a system in place to ensure how this is done properly.”  Would Melvin care to explain why it wasn’t properly done?

Instead of practising Diplomacy 101, our ministers followed the same rubbish spewing ‘protocol’.

Minister Vivian :”Singapore will not allow any single issue to hijack relationship with China.” link

Exactly what he meant by this cannot be clearly understood.  SAF/APL breached Hong Kong’s law and China is all out to squeeze maximum political mileage from the incident.  What kind of relationship was Vivian talking about?   I mean, China is squeezing PAP in the wrong place, which may even lead to impotence, but Vivian still wants to maintain our relationship as if nothing is happening?

Vivian: “…the government expects commercial providers to strictly comply with the law.”  Well, APL didn’t.  So what now?

Minister Ng: “We aim to comply with all regulations and then exercise our full rights in recovering our assets … We should not speculate on why Hong Kong customs offloaded and detained SAF assets.”

What “full rights” do we have if APL did not comply with Hong Kong’s Customs clearance?

It appears our government is not as influential they make themselves out to be in the MSM.  If it were, a phone call from PM Lee would have settled the issue.  No need to send our SAF team, involve ministers, etc.

But then again, will the Chinese leader even want to speak to PM Lee now that he has offended them?

Looks like own self checkmate own self, no medicine can help leow.

If our property is not returned, will APL compensate SAF for the losses amounting to more than S$100 million?

Ng also pointed out that “Singapore has been commercially shipping military equipment since it started overseas training stints, and without loss or detention”.  Like the PAP, Ng has continued to live in the past as if the world has not evolved. Is MINDEF still using floppy discs or what?

NOL had acquired APL before it was sunk by its CEO Lieutenant General (NS) Ng Yat Chung this year. Did lower ranking Major General Melvin anyhow assumed APL was still in good hands, not knowing Ng has been transferred to another GLC?

Our scholars and ministers should bear in mind that they are no longer addressing a domestic audience and would do well to think before speaking.

We have broken somebody’s law and are paying the price.  When it’s time to eat humble pie, don’t continue to talk big/rubbish and you’re certainly not eating it at any Singapore restaurants.

Earlier this year, ST Kinetics was awarded a US$121.5 million contract to supply 13 Terrex prototypes to the US Marine Corps.   The total value of the contract is estimated to be US$1.2 billion.
Will the US purchase our Terrex ICVs after their capture in Hong Kong?
Image result for terrex singapore hong kong

Would the US even consider looking at our Terrex ICVs after their bodies have been violated by the Chinese?  Looks like a very costly blunder by some paper general.

Lessons for our paper generals, scholars and ministers:
– Don’t live in the past as if the world (and Singapore) has stopped evolving.
– Don’t talk cock when there’s an international audience because foreigners are not docile/stupid Singaporeans and you will not make a fool of yourselves.
– When it’s time to eat humble pie outside the country, try to remember that you are not  in a Singapore restaurant.
– It’s OK to make mistakes since everyone is human. Singaporeans are a forgiving lot but that’s conditional upon your not covering up.

And please don’t sack some rank and file employee like what the AssMRT did for top management’s failure.

So which paper general is responsible for the Terrex ICV fiasco?

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3 Responses to 20161202 Which SAF paper general is responsible for Terrex ICV fiasco?

  1. Balls less general says:

    I guess it’s paper general Melvin who is responsible. He’s missing 2 testicles already. Double confirm and check him.

  2. sinkie says:

    I think everybody and their dog knows that this is a political issue. 100% APL did everything correctly, and there is no paperwork or legal or legislative problem.

    However PAP pissed off China — and that overrides whatever import-export paperwork or legal correctness. Remember, China is also a place where authorities can declare black is white, and white is black, innocent is guilty, and guilty is innocent. PAP is just a 1-yr old toddler compared to all the political back-stabbing occurring among CCP, PLA General Staff, Central Military Commission, Central Advisory Commission, National Committee, Politburo Standing Committee, National People’s Congress, State Council, Supreme People’s Court, Supreme People’s Procuratorate, National Security Commission … and the thousands of provincial, city & local govts.

    I suspect that PAP knows all these, and have decided to privately write-off the 9 Terrex’es already, rather than kow-tow & eat humble pie even in private with the top Chinese leaders. But in public, PAP is simply adopting a brave front and stubbornly sitting on a moral high horse by playing the “legal card” and “international convention card”. PAP is mentally prepared for the 9 Terrex’es to become target practice for PLA, but is hoping that China appears as being a bully to the world, and to tarnish its reputation and to serve as warning to other countries to be careful of any dealing with the Chinese.

    As for all the BS about LKY being able to sooth & solve the issue if he were alive … well, even he will need to go on bended knees to Xi Jinping. The only question is whether Xi will take it privately or insist on public kneeling. In 1999, LKY had to go on bended knees behind the scenes to Jiang Zemin to resurrect the Suzhou Industrial Park project.

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