20161121 How can Singaporeans empower themselves when WP is meek and powerless? (2)

Dear Pritam Singh

My constructive feedback, more to come, may seem overdone but if you do not know where went wrong, WP will continue to be easily taken down by PAP.  This is of course not in Singaporeans’ interest.

5 years ago, WP raised hopes of Singapore moving towards a “First World Parliament” (FWP).  Although 5 additional WP MPs in Aljuneid GRC were voted into Parliament, isn’t the PAP as non transparent and unaccountable today, or even worse off?  Is having too many jokers in our Parliament WP’s definition of a FWP?

Where major screw ups are concerned, where is the accountability?  Why are incompetent civil servants recycled into other ministries, stat boards or GLCs?  Was this not in fact a promotion at the expense of citizens?

WP did not deliver on its 2011 campaign promise and rightly lost the trust of Aljuneid GRC voters in GE 2015:  WP was almost history.

If you had kept to your campaign promise to ensure transparency saw daylight, rest assured skeletons would have tumbled out of PAP’s cupboard.  WP would have done itself a favour by not being on the defensive all the time.

But you are still in a defensive mode with the ongoing AHTC saga which will be dragged on to inflict maximum damage.  This is a hole WP has dug itself into and only you can free yourselves with the support of netizens and right-minded citizens.  
With additional firepower in Parliament, we were not one step closer to a FWP in 2015.  

Your 2015 campaign slogan, “Empower Your Future”, was therefore like asking for more free rides into Parliament: WP had not delivered but wanted more voter support?

If WP intended to continue doing battle on PAP’s changing rules and not ask hard questions, then an additional 10 MPs won’t make any difference.  The PAP is afraid of questions which will shed light on state finances which Dr Chee has been asking.  The PAP is afraid of questions like those asked by the late JBJ to which it has no answer.

Right now, a change of strategy is more important than mere numbers:  the right questions need to be asked.

Is self empowerment possible by merely supporting WP?  I believe it is but could you first show us how it’s done?

So long as PAP dominates Parliament, transparency and accountability will not see daylight.  PAP will continue tweaking legislations and abusing public resources to ensure this.

Why should PAP disclose embarrassing material information pertaining to Temasek/GIC/CPF/HDB which will send it 6 feet under in double quick time?

All may appear lost but PAP does have its Achilles heel.  Once you have identified that, constantly chip at it and let nature take its course.  Or do you want to continue playing second fiddle and watch incompetence take Singapore further downhill?

Please show Singaporeans the true meaning of a FWP and rest assured, more citizens will  be convinced to empower themselves.

In the following  feedback, I will highlight WP’s troubling silence on the CPF issue and the difference it could have but did not make.

Phillip Ang 
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2 Responses to 20161121 How can Singaporeans empower themselves when WP is meek and powerless? (2)

  1. Weely says:

    Yes, i think WP should constantly ask those hard questions in Parliament which PAP has no answer. And statistics on citizens minus PRs. Just ask those important ones and nothing else.

  2. Sinkie says:

    Becoz it takes too much hardship & hard work to fight against PAPies. No one wants to become another JBJ or CSJ. And besides $15,000 a month goes a long way to make life comfortable for family & children.

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