20161120 PAP continues to chut pattern on job creation

I refer to “Singapore targets 2,000 new PMET jobs in food manufacturing industry transformation”.

“Industry transformation” is the new PAP buzzword under a programme outlined in Budget 2016. This buzzword will be used ad nauseam in the MSM to project a positive image of the PAP government. However, this comes at a cost of 4.5 billion tax dollars. Another costly PAP experiment.

The obvious question is how do civil servants with ZERO business experience transform some 20 sectors in different industries. Why do businesses even need to be taught to improve their bottom lines?

But of course we know that many businesses are government-linked companies which stand to benefit from tax dollars with credit – and multimillion paychecks – ultimately going to top management. Many businesses are also PAP affiliated/dependent one way or another.

“Our vision is to develop Singapore as the leading food and nutrition hub,” says SMOS for Trade and Industry and for Culture, Community and Youth Sim “Chut Pattern” Ann.

Chut Pattern has not worked a single day in the private sector and has also been paid millions in tax dollars since receiving her President’s Scholarship. Having been parachuted into different ministries, what does this book smart Jill of all trades know about the economy besides serving GLCs’ interest?

PAP’s IT map aims for a “4.5 per cent annual productivity improvement and 2,000 new skilled jobs by 2020”.

Of the imaginary 2,000 new skilled jobs created, how much are they paying?
How many of these jobs are going to Singaporeans?

The 4.5% annual productivity growth target is wishful thinking because the PAP has failed in every attempt since decades ago. From 2005 to 2015, PAP achieved only 0.5% annual productivity growth and from 2010 to 2015, it was even lower at 0.4%.

Chut Pattern wants to take the public for another ride by plucking some figures from thin air and has assumed Singaporeans to be kind of stupid.

Productivity growth from 2011 to 2015
Year productivity growth
2011 – 2.3 %
2012 – (0.5 %)
2013 – 0.3 %
2014 – (0.8 %)
2015 – (0.1 %)

In 2010, PAP targeted an overall 2 to 3% in annual productivity growth for the decade till 2020. If past performance is indicative of future results PAP will not even hit a quarter of its target by 2020.

But this has never been an issue for PAP as it always gets away with failure. With regard to stagnant productivity growth the past 6 years, Chut Pattern’s boss, PM Lee, blames it on an “unsettled global economy” and “Singapore’s previous strategy to boost productivity having approached its limits”.
sim20ann2Are the best brains in government to blame? Of course not.

Instead of addressing its failure, PM Lee chut his own pattern and said that the “ongoing productivity journey was one that needed perseverance, given that results were unlikely to come quickly”. From a targeted time frame, he seems to be telling us that there will be no time frame. Wait until durian drop or what?

Not only did PM Lee chut pattern to mask his failure, workers were told to buck up or risk falling wages. PM Lee: “If productivity continues to stagnate, after a while, so will wages which may even fall back.” So much for leadershit and billions of tax dollars having gone down the drain.

The obvious reason is PAP has been addicted to growing the GDP by growing the population since Lau Goh became PM. PAP’s simplistic solution: throw billions of tax dollars at PICS, SkillsFuture Credit, etc.

In reality, the only solution is for the PAP to stop controlling businesses, allow the private sector to do what it’s best at and not dictate any solution.

Besides Chut Pattern and her boss, there are of course other ministers who have been talking a lot (of cock) and telling half truths, eg Ong Ye Kung and Gan Kim Yong have mentioned tens of thousands of jobs in IT and healthcare are waiting to be filled.

But are these jobs paying first or third world wages? What is the breakdown? How many of these jobs are being offered by government-linked companies?

Soon, more ministers will chut pattern and announce through MSM an even higher number of jobs will be created by their respective ministries. And because the PAP has created too many jobs for Singaporeans, it has to employ foreigners to address the labour shortage.  And our choosiness.

A butcher can’t become a hairdresser overnight – unlike our unqualified ministers and perm secs who possess multi industry skillsets – and if he could, you wouldn’t want him to be your hairdresser.

If our overpaid civil servants and tax dollar dependent ministers had any business sense, they would have been in business. This is common sense. Singaporeans should expect to be again treated like idiots from the likes of Chut Pattern and her ilk.

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