20161116 Expect PAP’s ‘chope’ system to create more unnecessary issues

Since our independence, the PAP has never been interested in governing Singapore for the people’s benefit. To PAP eLeetes, it’s all about having total control and self reward.

Under LKY, our eLeete rulers see leeching as their birthright. PAP gave birth to a sort of ‘chope’ system where positions of power, tax dollars and all things public are reserved for the eLeetes.

The chope system works this way:

1 PAP has 100% control of public resources.
2 ELeetes go to Parliament to legalise whatever they desire.
3 Remaining leftover crumbs for peasants.

Such a system explains why income inequality will never narrow and Singaporeans needing to beg for assistance despite our ‘wealthy’ status.

Top jobs in the civil service – perm secs earning 7-figure pay – are all choped for eLeete scholars and Khaw was talking cock when he said a degree cannot be eaten.

If one happens to be a soon-to-retire general, no problem. Top jobs at stat boards have already been choped for them, eg . ex Chief of Navy Ng Chee Peng became CPF CEO, ex general Ngien Hoon Ping appointed LTA CEO, taking over the post from another ex general Chew Men Leong, etc.

For more ambitious eLeetes, the highest paying jobs are also choped at government-linked companies. For example, ex general NOL CEO Ng Yat Chung earned an average of $4 million in the 4 years its sinking, SIA has its own scholar CEO Goh Choon Pong, SMRT another household-name ex paper general, etc.

Even a retired colonel with no private sector experience could be appointed FAS CEO and paid between $400k and $500k. The benefits of being an eLeete under PAP’s chope system are tremendous.

Not enough eLeete jobs? No problem la .. just set up more stat boards, ie SkillsFuture SIngapore, Workforce Singapore, ???. Or get our GLCs to buy over some companies and parachute eLeetes into top management.

The chope system has worked wonders for PAP because it has successfully convinced peasants to allow propaganda to do their thinking.

But it has clearly gone too far when it choped the presidency in next year’s election. No Singaporean raised the issue of race, no consultation or referendum, no nothing but the PAP simply felt it was its right to reserve the presidency for a Malay eLeetes.

Hmm .. what will be choped by PAP next? Can don’t have problems under such a system meh?

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