20161102 PAP still going round in circles, no solution to Circle Line problems

Another major train disruption occurred on the Circle Line this morning (2 Nov), inconveniencing tens of thousands of commuters.

As to be expected, major MRT disruptions will continue to occur more frequently. This is because the system is not designed for the current population.

Train commuters should brace themselves for more inconvenience by leaving home earlier than the usual time, ie office workers at least half an hour earlier, students sitting for exams an hour earlier, etc. Or just to play it safe, shouldn’t students consider camping overnight in the school like iPhone 7 buyers queuing overnight for their phones?

iPhone overnight queue

Straits Times

SMRT Tweets:

7.37 am – Commuters require additional 10 minutes waiting time between Pasir Panjang and One North stations.

??? am – Signal fault resolved.

8.37 am – 30 minutes additional travelling time needed.

9.06 – No train service between Botanic Gardens and Serangoon stations.

10.27 – Train services back to normal.

Great Singapore Sale on 2 Nov?

Vijay Twitter account (image from TOC)

SMRT has confirmed there are “signaling issues” and if this recur, mobile signals may be cut. But didn’t SMRT experience a similar issue about 2 months ago, on the same Circle Line and had mobile lines cut off to facilitate investigations?

Are SMRT and LTA telling the public that they basically don’t know the exact cause? If that’s the case, I would like to propose a permanent solution to get to the root of the problem.

1 Get rid of all the ex paper generals/colonels in SMRT, eg CEO Desmond Kuek, MD, Trains Lee Ling Wee, etc Incompetence should not drag down an organisation and LKY had already made it very clear when he said “Firing the chief is very simple”. PAP should heed LKY’s advice before Desmond Kuek ropes in more of his army buddies.

2 On 12 November, a new ex paper general, Ngien Hoon Ping, will take over current ex paper general Chew Mun Leong as CEO of LTA. Why not heed LKY’s advice again, except fire him before he has any chance to wreak more havoc on public transportation? After all, don’t we already have precedents?

The book smart PAP should appoint top management based on merit and not merely because they are former scholars/book smart like themselves. Otherwise, PAP will continue to go round in circles with Circle Line/MRT breakdowns.

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2 Responses to 20161102 PAP still going round in circles, no solution to Circle Line problems

  1. naguea says:

    Better solution : fire LHL
    The rot starts from the fish head. He should go first.

  2. George says:

    Yes this problem can be resolved by appointing a few more President’s Scholars/ Generals to SMRT and LTA given their experience in “managing large complex organisations”

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