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20161021 HDB buildings no longer safe, PAP fighting own fires

HDB buildings appear to be no longer safe. According to Shin Min Daily News, “a slab of the roof-wall” fell from Block 51 in MacPherson Road 2 days ago. TOC article Photo credit: The size of the calcium silicate … Continue reading

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20161020 Healthcare ‘subsidy’ = propaganda

I have queried former Health Minister Gan * on the polyclinic ‘subsidy’ which he was too ‘pai seh’ to reply. I believe Gan must have been aware that the PAP had overinflated polyclinic fees to create the illusion of a … Continue reading

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20161019 Singaporeans prefer to be fooled by PAP, ‘good’ jobs go to foreigners

In PAP’s elitist eyes, Singaporeans are fools and are therefore treated as such. No one should blame PAP. For years, Singaporeans have been fooled by PAP’s creation of “good” jobs for citizens, which is of course another half truth. We … Continue reading

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20161018 CPF members should not continue to live in denial, PAP has full control over our CPF

“CPF is not your money, or is it your money?” is an important question which most CPF members are afraid to ask. Because the truth hurts and so it’s better to just ignore the elephant in the room. Last year, … Continue reading

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20161017 Leadership change urgently needed at Singapore Propaganda Holdings (SPH)

It comes as no surprise when SPH, aka Singapore Propaganda Holdings, reported yet another year of profit decline of 17.5% to $265.3 million. Facts: – Ten years ago, it had reported a net profit of $506 million. – Since then, … Continue reading

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20161017 PAP MPs will doom our children’s future

I refer to CNA’s “More interaction needed between Singaporeans, new citizens: Zagy Mohamed”. The first question that came to mind was who the hell is PAP MP Zagy to suggest that Singaporeans should interact more with new citizens. The fact … Continue reading

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20161016 PAP has decided to profit from online gambling, organisations expressing concerns for what?

PAP has already made up its mind to profit from online betting and its decision is irreversible. After the decision had been made, religious organisations have started to wayang their ‘disapproval’ with the Catholic Church, headed by Archbishop William Goh, … Continue reading

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20161015 Did sex-starved Minister Josephine Teo make 3 babies in a cupboard?

PAP politicians love talking cock and talking down to Singaporeans. We should expect more outrageous statements rivaling Minister Josephine Teo’s “you need a very small space to have sex”. Image source: jesscscott.wordpress Josephine appears to be a sex-starved female politician … Continue reading

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20161003 MinLaw perm sec’s reply impresses me

More often than not, I have been disappointed by civil servants shirking their responsibilities, skirting issues, etc. My impression of civil servants is generally negative. I was therefore surprised to receive a totally-upfront reply in my recent feedback to MinLaw … Continue reading


20161003 PAP should not force HDB lessees to pay for lift enhancement/upgrading

The irresponsibility of our incompetent part-time, estate-manager MPs will soon cost taxpayers and HDB residents dearly. Last month, the government announced a $450 million Lift Enhancement Programme (LEP): HDB will foot 90% of the bill while the balance 10% will … Continue reading

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