20161031 Still believe in the “dishonorable son” wayang?

In April this year, LKY’s daughter Lee Wei Ling shocked Singaporeans when she called her brother, PM Lee, a “dishonorable son” as well as accused him of abusing power to “build a dynasty”. TOC article

Wei Ling also posted her email exchanges with her SPH editor online, disclosing her disagreement with PM Lee on a “matter of principle”. However, these were shortly removed.

This led to the accidental release of a monkey (online) by Ho Ching, PM Lee’s wife, which was not an issue except it had shown the middle finger. Claiming to be a Twitter newbie, Ho apologised.

Does the middle finger mean ‘bless you’ in Japan? Just curious, because it was a Japanese Macaque.

Many Singaporeans hope to put an end to PAP’s dynastic politics and abuse of power but those who stood up against PAP were shot down. A majority of Singaporeans are either indifferent or too stupid to understand they have been screwed for decades.

Lee Wei Ling had given us hope when all seemed hopeless. But in the end, she disappointed. For 5 months, no sound, no shadow.

About a month ago, the royal family feud appeared to have taken a turn for the worse with Wei Ling creating a new Facebook account on 25 September. link

Wei Ling: “I am doing this as no public media dares to disobey Hsien Loong and Ho Ching’s commands. When I hv news I will post on Wei Ling Lee and open to public to follow.”

But since 25 September, again, no sound no shadow. Wei Ling’s FB page shows only a photo of her house with 919 followers and she has written …. NOTHING!

Was there even a family feud in the first place? It all seems more like a wayang and wouldn’t she be as good an actress as anyone, or better, in the PAP?

Wei Ling has seen how ruthless her papa was and all the dirt in politics must have been crystal clear to her. She was likely to have been helping her brother, PM Lee, to distract Singaporeans from real issues on the ground. She’s no spring chicken and a family feud would be the last thing papa wanted to see.

After all, blood is thicker than water.

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3 Responses to 20161031 Still believe in the “dishonorable son” wayang?

  1. Nassier says:

    LWL is part of the dynasty. Only fools would think she is on our side. She only complained because she is denied her freedom of speech by her bro. She got an extra egg in her char kway tiao too. Ask her about the sweetheart deal at Nassim Jade.

  2. Xmen says:

    When LWL suddenly shows up in Australia, UK, or Canada, she will finally be able to speak again. It appears to me that she is under some sort of gag order by her PM brother.

  3. amusing says:

    Great photo of a monkey and a lady both challenging middle fingers.

    Deserving of a Noble prize. One of the fingers is clearly longer.

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