20161030 Kwa Soon Bee’s death another attempt to spread “affordable” healthcare half-truth

Kwa Soon Bee died today and as expected, MSM wasted no time in seizing the opportunity to praise him to high heavens. link Worse, he had a part to play in our “affordable” healthcare system.

As a beneficiary of Kwa’s legacy, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong has a lot to say about the “healthcare pioneer”. But as usual, they were half-truths.

Gan: “Dr Kwa laid a strong foundation for the modern healthcare system“ ..“Dr Kwa also implemented the 3M framework – Medisave, MediShield and Medifund – which has kept healthcare affordable for all Singaporeans.”.

Is Gan not aware that ordinary Singaporeans feel that “it is better to die than fall ill with a major disease”? A strong foundation has certainly been laid but it’s only for the elites who could afford insurance premiums in order to pay only $8 for a major heart surgery.

If no ordinary citizen has paid anywhere close to Khaw’s $8 bill, isn’t Gan talking cock?

If our healthcare system had a strong foundation, why the need to tweak it every other year? Why have other countries not done likewise?

In reality, the “3M framework” was implemented to serve PAP and trap our retirement savings in GIC, to speculate as the government pleases.

If the PAP was concerned about our healthcare needs, why are Medisave balances increasing by astronomical amounts, hardly utilised? Why do CPF members end up having a huge Medisave surplus after they are dead?

From 2011 to 2015, PAP increased Medisave balances by $21 billion. This looks set to continue as far as the eye can see and enough will never be enough for PAP. Does PAP intend to jack up healthcare costs in order to drain our Medisave accounts?

With $79 billion, and increasing, trapped in Medisave for GIC, PAP is the only beneficiary of the 3M framework. For Singaporeans, 3M = Mati, Mampus and (kena) Main.


Every working citizen is forced to set aside 8% of wages, highest in the universe, in Medisave to fund our healthcare needs. Why should any working adult, unlike Khaw, have to worry about healthcare costs, especially during emergencies?

Why do mere mortals still have to fork out thousands of dollars when hospitalised? Affordable??

A CPF Medisave Account is a personal account. When the kiam siap PAP doesn’t want to spend a single cent on citizens, it legislates our personal account for multiple users, ie family members.

A sole breadwinner CPF member with children could have his Medisave easily wiped out and forced to beg for state assistance. The stingy PAP again places onerous conditions on the disbursement of Medifund, preferring the ‘wiped-out’ CPF member to approach other family members first. Affordable healthcare system? Gan got to be kidding. It’s only affordable to the elites who have abdicated their responsibility to the people.

Gan has such a positive impression of Kwa Soon Bee but, state propaganda aside, who is the real Kwa? Taking Lau Goh’s advice that everything could be found on Google, I did a search and discovered some interesting facts.

Besides being LKY’s brother-in-law, as already disclosed by MSM, Kwa has many relatives who were promoted to positions of power in the government (image below). So is this PAP’s definition of ‘meritocracy’?

Are the elites so well connected at the highest level of government? Singaporeans should visit this blog @ jesscscott.wordpress.com, guaranteed to be an eye opener for many, to better understand how PAP runs our country.

Another interesting blog has a write up on Kwa Soon Bee’s daddy @ veritas-lux.blogspot.sg Are there other interesting sites with information yet to be disclosed by MSM? From the information above, there appears to be a lot of truth in “all in the famiLEE”.

To spout all the half truths about our healthcare system, I guess Gan must have been delusional.

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