20161030 Is STTA’s Dy President David Sim Yeow Kwee or Feng Tianwei the real “bad egg”?

PAP grasslooters parachuted into any taxpayer-funded organisation should be properly taught by their political masters not to anyhow shoot from the hip as their incompetence is easily exposed. Their only comment should be “no comments” and strictly observe the golden rule: “silence is golden”.

As the STTA saga unfolds, heads may be chopped, or perhaps the hara kiri process has already started for some, like David Sim Yeow Kwee, BBM, STTA Dy President, Woodlands Citizens’ Consultative Committee chairman.

After 3-time table tennis Olympian Feng Tianwei was unceremoniously sacked by STTA, the Dy President took to Facebook to further assassinate her character. (MSM had already done their part a few days earlier.) TMG reported this on 28 October in “Feng was a “bad egg”, a “disgrace to nation”, says STTA Deputy President”. Whether the “bad egg” comment was related to Feng purchasing 200 eggs for breakfast over 9 days or not, this could not be confirmed.

Yeow Kwee said he had concluded Feng was a disgrace from a Today report which stated “disputes over prize money, false claims and disrespect of authority were some of the issues that led to three-time Olympic medalist Feng Tianwei being axed from the national table tennis team”.

(By stating “some of the reasons”, Today insinuated there were other reasons to axe Feng and had also tarnished her reputation. Feng is not a casual table tennis player but ranked No. 6 in the world. All the negative reporting would have likely made its way into international media and she would probably be a laughing stock, milk and egg jokes aplenty.)

Yeow Kwee was resolute in his character assassination of Feng and had even challenged her to sue STTA: he was certain about the information leaked to the press, such as “the 200 eggs she charged STTA for”.

According to TMG, Yeow Kwee “implied that it was STTA which leaked the news of some of her misdemeanors to the media”. But how could STTA have leaked any information without the knowledge of top management?

Yeow Kwee is no ordinary member of STTA but the No 3 man; he must have known or even authorised the leaked information.

Source: STTA

It would be interesting to find out if Yeow Kwee was in any way responsible for the information leaked to the media.

TMG called Yeow Kwee to confirm his FB replies. Like the U-turn proficient PAP, he denied labeling Feng a “national disgrace” and said his replies relied on what the media had reported.

Does Yeow Kwee really think the public is too stupid to believe that the No. 3 man depended on media reports to form an opinion of his organisation? Wasn’t he foolish to rely on media reports which Ellen Lee, President STTA, had dismissed as “people’s speculations”?

As regard his opinion of the egg thingy having any truth, he suddenly became doubtful and told TMG that “it should be”.

His last words to TMG were “I have no comments”. Why didn’t he follow the golden rule in the first place? Clever OK leow but don’t be too clever OK.

Will MSM cover up for Yeow Kwee, as they did for Josephine Teo’s “need a very small space to have sex”, after the removal of his bad egg replies from his FB?

PAP politics has no place in sports organisations funded by taxpayers. The government must cease appointing their kakis – grasslooter leeches and PAP MPs – to top management as they have clearly impeded the progress of Singaporean athletes.

STTA must come clean and not assume it is unaccountable to Singaporeans. The public deserves to know whether Yeow Kwee or Feng is the real bad egg.

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