20161029 STTA president Ellen Lee makes self-insulting statements and becomes a joke

Ahmad: Bro, you heard about the changes er.. I mean sackings at STTA?

Ah Kow: Ya, I heard. First the PRC Li Hu kena sacked because he brought lady friend into the dorm not once but many times. Maybe he took Josephine Teo’s advice “small space also can”. But now he got bigger problem – kena CPIB investigation. The second case is PRC Feng Tian Wei, also kena axed because …

Ahmad: Hello, don’t call them PRC la, they are all new citizens. Anyway, the whole team representing our country we know all are ex PRCs so no need to keep repeating PRC.

Arumugam: Sacking Li Hu is quite a straightforward case. But Feng’s case is not so simple.

Ah Kow: I think I know what you mean. Ellen said STTA let go of Feng because they want to “promote the sport” and it was “not being fair to our youth and to our younger players“. But which head of a sports organisation sack the best player just to promote younger players? Knn, own self make own self look like a fool for making such a statement.

Arumugam: Of course everyone knows there are other reasons. On 25 October, Today reported there were “disputes over prize money, false claims and disrespect of authority were some of the issues that led to the world No. 6 being axed by the association”.

Ahmad: But the report machiam no pakai to Ellen leh. When she was asked to confirm the report, she said “It’s hard for me to comment on people’s speculations”. Report in Today to Ellen is people’s speculation? Today, if it did not speculate, should consider taking action against Ellen because its readership is certain to decline. Ellen is not like us ordinary Singaporeans who talk cock too much but a PAP MP. And she’s also a lawyer right?

Ah Kow: Of course cannot take legal action la. All are their own kakis. Own kaki sue own kaki will not be allowed by their big boss.

Ahmad: Then what about Feng? If Ellen is correct and MSM including Today speculated, she can sue them for defamation right? I mean, media reports have created a very negative image of Feng and she’s clearly very upset. Feng: “..the reports over the past few days were an attack on my character and integrity … I did not cheat any money or do anything illegal”.

Arumugam: If Feng is certain she has been defamed, then the only way to clear her name is to take legal action against MSM, get them to retract the statements together with an apology and monetary compensation.

Ah Kow: You mean so that she can buy 200 tins of milk and 2000 eggs? Haha, just joking la.

Ahmad: STTA is a joke under the PAP. Lee Bee Wah was selected by PAP to helm STTA and before she stepped down, she approached Ellen Lee to take over. It is like a familee business – one Lee taking over another. Just go invite someone you prefer because STTA is controlled by PAP.

Ah Kow: Wa lau eh. I never saw Ellen before but one look and I can tell the tua pui aunty is not a sports person, knows nothing about sports. Haha! You know why PAP chose her? Because her sports knowledge is kosong, she has no choice but to continue with Lee Bee Wah’s “strategy” of importing foreigners!

Ellen will continue with our “proven winning strategy” and no Singaporean players will ever have any international exposure.

Arumugam: You insult her some more maybe got lawyer letter in you letter box soon. She trained lawyer OK.

Ah Kow: But it’s fact right? This PAP joker did not use her brains before talking and assume Singaporeans are stupid. I still cannot believe she said World No. 6 Feng was sacked to make way for younger players. As more information surfaces online, it will confirm tua pui aunty was talking cock.

Ahmad: Kow is right. I just read “Insider news: Feng Tian Wei tried to usurp head coach and instigated breakaway from STTA”. It looks like PAP is having a tough time controlling foreigners who are clearly unlike the 70% Singaporeans easily led to the slaughterhouse.

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2 Responses to 20161029 STTA president Ellen Lee makes self-insulting statements and becomes a joke

  1. wongcheokwan says:

    Small fries, money no enough, want to try grass looting? You will be punished severely.

    I read Justice Lord Acton says ” Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely “.

  2. fisheyes says:

    As usual PAP at its best again to cover their own stinky backside. Of course, all these nonsense and accusation against the chinese paddlers are just red herring. Just ask yourself, have those Chinese paddlers perform well in Olympics and bring back medals, do you think such things will even be uncovered and bring to public using the ShittyMedia own by the Shitty Party ? Apparently PAP tries to perform PR damage control and distance themselves away from those disgraced paddlers when citizen questions the foreign paddlers’ poor overall performance in failure to bring back Olympics medals by putting them as scapegoat. We know how PAP works , don’t we ? PAP will always blame others other than themselves and it has always been the modus operandi ever since PAP is under LKY. PAP is just making a mountain out of a molehill for those nonsense against the paddlers. $100 plus use by Chinese paddler over the years KPKB but PAP losing hundreds of billions over the years over dubious investment as if nothing has happened, seriously where is the sense of proportion ?

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