20161023 Are part-time MPs Baey and Tin snake oil sellers?

I refer to PAP’s wayang in “Falling parts in old blocks: Call for more checks”.

The misleading article gives the impression that parts are falling off HDB blocks because they are old, ie more than 30 years. What about the slab of plaster which fell from a 17-year old block in Whampoa?

In the latest incident, MacPherson MP Tin Pei Ling attempts to push the blame to the HDB. She says the building facade was added to the the 51-year old block which “undergone HDB’s Main Upgrading Programme” in 1997.

Tin then claims that her town council conducted “recent checks on the block and adjacent blocks” and “found them to be in good condition”. In one fell swoop, soiled sanitary pad discoverer Tin exonerated HDB and her town council.

Are MacPherson residents too stupid to believe there could have been oversight by Tin’s estate officers? Tin must have thought so.

Since no one is to blame and taxpayers will be picking up the tab, issue closed. What will PAP do without MPs like Tin?

Tin also appears very concerned and hopes “more checks can be done on the older blocks”. If another incident happens at a newer block, more checks should then be conducted on the newer blocks right?

According to the article, Tin will also be filing parliamentary questions to “address the issue”. Of course the issue is not about the accountability of civil servants or politicians. Tin wants to request for more tax dollars to be thrown at another round of upgrading. This sort of snake oil seller MP is a joke but this joke is unfortunately at Singaporeans’ expense.

In another incident, a false ceiling at the void deck of a Tampines HDB block collapsed on Monday. Of course this is clearly not ‘train fault’ or ‘signal fault’ but ‘termites fault’, according to our quick-to-blame Tampines GRC MP Baey Yam Keng. Baey reassures his constituents that it was an isolated issue, not systemic one, and termites won’t cause the building to collapse.

To prevent this from becoming a systemic issue, Baey’s town council will be inspecting nearby blocks for termite infestations. So clever, our PAP MPs.

Like Tin, Baey appears to be another snake oil seller taking his propaganda-loving constituents for another ride. The possibility of an entire false ceiling collapsing suddenly is probably slimmer than striking Big Sweep 1st Prize because there would have been signs like tiny holes on the wood, damaged wood, mud like traces/tunnels, swarms of flying ants, thousands of dropped wings, etc.

Baey’s town council was either not working and grassroots members as usual bochap. To minimise their workload, town councils mostly work on the basis of complaints. Like SMRT, they are cutting corners and cutting costs in proper maintenance as if there are no consequences.

So which town council manager gave the green light to use untreated wood instead of metal in our humid weather? Why is Baey afraid to name the contractor? Is the contractor PAP affiliated, a grassroots member or related to one?

Things are not looking up for Tampines TC Chairman Baey as the worstest incident had recently happened in his estate less than a month ago. On 25 September, a concrete sunshade was dislodged and partially fell onto the sunshade on the third storey.

Of course one should not expect Baey to address the obvious question of accountability. PAP and their affiliates do not make any errors and so long as tax dollars are thrown at a solution, Singaporeans should just move on. No point to KPKB.

Original image @ dreamstime

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