20161022 More feedback needed to prevent road accidents

I have been providing feedback to the TP for a number of years. (link in my email below)

The TP have acted on my feedback but the few feedback are insufficient to paint the real situation of our roads. Businesses must be convinced that unsafe practices to lower costs are unacceptable.

Providing feedback to the TP will take at most 10 minutes of your time and if possible, include photos.

Preventable accidents have resulted from our collective silence. The next victim could be our loved ones.

From: Efran KOH (SPF)
Sent: Thursday, October 20, 2016 2:19 PM
To: pipakh
Subject: (SR#: SR/20161020/0543) – Activity # – 1-FROAJW: FW: 20161019 Additional enforcement/deterrent measures by Traffic Police needed

Dear Philip,

I refer to your email of 19 Oct 2016 addressed to Commander Traffic Police, Sam Tee, with regards to your call for more enforcement actions and measures against errant heavy vehicles. My name is Efran, Head Service Quality for Traffic Police. On behalf of Traffic Police, I will like to thank you for raising your feedback to our attention and for recognising our road safety efforts thus far. We indeed acknowledge and thank the various key stakeholders, community partners, and of course many other law abiding motorists for coming on board with us to achieve safer roads for Singapore.

2 Please be assured that Traffic Police will continue with our efforts to enhance road safety through education, engagement, and enforcement. Our Patrol Unit has been alerted on your feedback and will take them into operational considerations during their daily deployment on the roads. Once again, I thank you for engaging Traffic Police. Have a great week ahead.


Efran Koh
Head Service Quality
Service Quality Branch / Traffic Police

Singapore Police Force

DID: (65) 6547 6361 | FAX: (65) 6547 4900

A Member of the Home Team – Keeping Singapore Safe and Secure

WARNING: “Privileged/Confidential information may be contained in this message. If you are not the intended addressee, you must not copy, distribute or take any action in reliance thereon. Communication of any information in this email to any unauthorized person is an offence under the Official Secrets Act (Cap 213). Please notify the sender immediately if you receive this in error.”

From: “pipakh” <pipakh>
Date: 19 October 2016 at 8:28:07 PM SGT
To: “TP AC SAM TEE” <sam_tee>
Cc: “TP CMD” <cheang_keng_keong>, “TP CO PATROL UNIT” <CHOY_CHAN_HOE>
Subject: 20161019 Additional enforcement/deterrent measures by Traffic Police needed


AC Sam Tee

Traffic Police

Dear AC Tee

I refer to my numerous feedback on overloaded heavy vehicles, improperly secured/unsecured cargoes, etc. link

While I appreciate the TP have stepped up enforcement measures, it appears additional enforcement/deterrent measures are needed to prevent unnecessary accidents.

It is doubtful that these heavy vehicles are carrying cargoes in a safe manner. (images below)





Please increase enforcement measures and ensure that businesses do not blatantly flout safety rules.

Thank you and have a nice day.


Phillip Ang

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