20161016 PAP has decided to profit from online gambling, organisations expressing concerns for what?

PAP has already made up its mind to profit from online betting and its decision is irreversible.

After the decision had been made, religious organisations have started to wayang their ‘disapproval’ with the Catholic Church, headed by Archbishop William Goh, urging the government to closely monitor online betting services.

Goh does not oppose legalising online betting but merely urges the PAP to monitor the situation. What is the point of closing the stable door door after the horse has bolted? Isn’t Goh talking cock, like PAP, and insulting his flock?

Goh appears to be more of a PAP-fearing man than a God-fearing one and deserves no respect from his flock.

In a more ridiculous statement, Goh again urges the authorities to take “all necessary measures to help those who may fall victim to online gambling”. Is this supposed to be done using limited public resources?

Goh claims he shares the concerns of Singaporeans on the moral and social implications of gambling on society. However, he prefers to issue stupid statements and in reality does not have the balls to engage PAP.

Goh: “..more importantly, to work with those in charge to find lasting solutions to the problems facing our society.” The (gambling) problem facing our society will worsen after online betting is legalised by PAP. It is the PAP which will be creating yet another issue for society but Goh wants his followers to work with the problem creator? WTF is Goh talking about? Is this some sort of PAP propaganda by the Catholic Church?

PAP-affiliate Goh aside, the National Council of Churches (NCS) has called for a review of the decision. However, Singapore Pools and the Turf Club have already invested hundreds of thousand$ to allow punters to conveniently place bets on 4-D, Toto, football, Formula One and horse racing. The NCS should be aware that a reversal of the decision will never happen. The NCS statement is therefore another wayang.

The next wayang participant is Muis, the highest Islamic authority in Singapore (500,000 Muslims?). Although Muis is an authority on Islam, it wasn’t consulted nor did it oppose such a move with conviction. How does Muis expect to gain any respect from Muslims like that?

Muis has only urged Muslims to guard against online gambling. Why is Muis afraid to speak up on behalf of Muslims against the government legalising online betting? Is Muis another PAP-approved institution? What is the point of merely expressing concern knowing full well that online gambling will “not only affect the individual involved, but also the entire family and community”?

The Singapore Islamic Scholars and Religious Teachers Association (PERGAS) has also joined the list of ‘concerned’ organisations. But at the end of the day, PAP will proceed with its decision to earn additional hundreds of millions from online gambling, never mind what the people think.

So, what is the point of merely expressing concern when everything will proceed as planned by PAP?

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One Response to 20161016 PAP has decided to profit from online gambling, organisations expressing concerns for what?

  1. Confused says:

    It’s confirmed that more money is what they are looking for.

    With the TOTO raising from 45 to 49 numbers, the chances of hitting 1st prize is almost halved from what was already remote to strike.

    The cost of betting has been doubled like minimum bet for quick pick used to be $0.50 and is now $1.00. A System 7 quick pick used to cost $3.50 now cost $7.00.

    Assuming that the number of bet each made every draw remains unchanged, the amount each has to pay would be twice before and this means the revenues of Singapore pools would be doubled simply.

    If Temasek has a share in it, it would boast it’s income for sure, whethet or not, government would surely collect more tax $$.

    Furthermore, with online betting available, it would reach out and convenient more people to bet. More money money.

    Win win win! For sure.

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