20161015 Did sex-starved Minister Josephine Teo make 3 babies in a cupboard?

PAP politicians love talking cock and talking down to Singaporeans. We should expect more outrageous statements rivaling Minister Josephine Teo’s “you need a very small space to have sex”.

Image source: jesscscott.wordpress

Josephine appears to be a sex-starved female politician when she equated the need to have adequate personal space for raising children and having sex. Was she relating a personal experience, ie did she make her three babies in a cupboard or in other small spaces with civil servant Teo Eng Cheong? Would the EDB-Glaxo scholar have made 3 babies if she were living in a HDB flat with her parents?

Procreation is a natural instinct; when conditions are right, humans will multiply like … hamsters. If Josephine had reproduced naturally, why does she see fit to instruct fellow citizens that only a small space is needed?

Singaporeans are faced with this unique “chicken-and-egg problem” because PAP controls 80% of residential housing. PAP politicians can well afford to be as cocky as Josephine because peasants are dependent on PAP’s housing policies. But peasants, being peasants, are not too smart by voting for the same landowner who have continued to enrich themselves. This is the real “chicken-and-egg problem” of peasants.

Our low TFR is the result of Lee Kuan Yew playing god with his irreversible “Stop-At-Two” policy and, subsequently, incompetent PAP government abusing public resources to grow the GDP at all costs. After PAP had singlehandedly created one of the lowest TFR in the world, Josephine, in an interview, absolved the government of all blame by saying that it should have a more hands-off approach and not be “too kaypoh”. This has become a peasant’s problem.

Why do some Europeans not mind getting married and continue to live with their parents? Is there no difference between living in landed property and HDB flats? Josephine should not feign stupidity with her half truth attempt by conveniently ignoring the issues of “gender equality, income equality and social justice”.

Singaporeans pay very high taxes through CPF contribution and purchase of HDB flats (PAP retains almost half of our CPF returns and land cost is a component in HDB flat sales, both a form of taxation) but receive much less benefits than Europeans.

If Josephine has made an honest mistake, would it not be better for her apologise by retracting the statement? Is it not dishonest to now claim that an “honest conversation” is needed?

Since Josephine has not apologised, I can only conclude that she has spoken her mind. And it wasn’t about resolving our low TFR issue. Whether she was voicing her sexual needs/desires like having sex in a small space, this minister has become a joke.

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3 Responses to 20161015 Did sex-starved Minister Josephine Teo make 3 babies in a cupboard?

  1. Xmen says:

    “You need a very small space to have sex” is simply an admission of failed economic and housing policies of past two decades under LHL.

  2. James says:

    This female sow has the audacity to utter such rubbish in a contemptuous and condescending manner because her courage comes from the support of the daft 70%. If anyone thinks this sorry sample of a female will learn something from this episode, that will be the knowledge that there’s nothing anyone can do to her because come the next elections, the daft will remain daft. The future for the 30% is extremely bleak. Either they get out or they will be naturally exterminated. The writing is already on the wall.

  3. Confused says:

    If those who have home (which definitely has more than enough space than what she meant) and still childless or not having more than 1 kid, it clearly says that it’s not about space but some other things that are more worrying such as cost of living and affordability to raise the kids….and other reasons..

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