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20160919 Why were so many KepCorp subsidiaries incorporated in tax haven countries?

According to Keppel Corporation 2015 Annual Report, a number of its subsidiaries were incorporated in tax haven countries. link They have been disposed, liquidated and struck off. . I am curious to find out the reason because Singaporeans have a … Continue reading

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20160918 PAP’s ‘forever-tomorrow’ rainy day suggests reserves may have been wiped out

The PAP has schemingly legislated the perpetual accumulation of past reserves which could only be spent on a rainy day. But when the rainy day came years ago, PAP refused to spend a single cent. Something appears not quite right … Continue reading

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20160917 No medicine can help the vindictive, unrepentant Kong Hee

Ahmad: Bro, you read about the appeal by City Harvest Church leaders? Funny la, kena caught with pants down still want to appeal and try to smoke the judge. Ah Kow: Pastor Don Kee deserve to kena 8 years in … Continue reading

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20160916 SMRT must come clean on wrongful dismissal of train driver

Two days ago, NTWU confirmed the SMRT driver involved in a fatal accident in March, where 2 of its trainees were killed, was fired. PAP MP Melvin Yong, secretary of the National Transport Workers’ Union (NTWU), made the confirmation. According … Continue reading

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20160915 You want to know what will really cause panic?

Minister Khaw should be awarded a doctorate in TKSS for inspiring junior politicians to follow in his footsteps. Self proclaimed Buddhist, the unbelievable stuff said by Khaw in an elitist manner is really unbefitting of a servant of the people. … Continue reading

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20160914 Tweaks to CPFIS a distraction, mother of all Ponzi schemes profited billions from CPF members

DPM Tharman has again proven he’s the only minister capable of taking over PM Lee with his upfront admittance that the CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS) has been an abject failure. Tharman should have been totally upfront by acknowledging that the … Continue reading

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20160913 Will Zika rival dengue soon?

Minister Gan Kim Yong has tried to sound smart by telling Singaporeans “The authorities here have been prepared for the past two years for Zika to arrive and spread”. So what is the point of all the preparations when Zika … Continue reading

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20160912 Why are elected opposition MPs silent on billions taken from our reserves?

Tens of billion$ have gone in and out of our reserves vault since Tony Tan took office but this has been greeted by a deafening silence in Parliament. The recent ‘proposed changes’ to Elected Presidency appears to be a desperate … Continue reading

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20160912 Singaporeans should not vote for a PAP-approved president

Who says there are issues with the EP, requiring amendments to the Constitution? Aren’t all the issues made up by PAP which is more concerned with self preservation than proper governance?. As the PAP continues to prioritise unnecessary changes to … Continue reading

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20160912 Returning CPF savings to retirees a win-win situation

The continued retention of CPF savings is a lose-lose situation for the PAP government and citizens. This is because GIC is forced to invest at inflated prices in an artificial low-yield environment while retirees are prevented from accessing money which … Continue reading

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