20160926 Another ex paper general appointed LTA CEO, expect public transport circus to continue

The PAP has just announced the appointment of ex paper general Ngien Hoon Ping as CEO of LTA with effect from 12 November. CNA Coincidentally or not, Ngien will be taking over another ex paper general, CEO Chew Men Leong. All in the family – brothers in arms.

Just before Chew could contribute to our screwed up MRT system, out he goes to the ‘private sector’. Chew has been CEO for only 2 years.

What Chew really means is he will be joining a government-linked company and earning millions in tax dollars.

Under the PAP, scholars and former paper generals are so talented that they are in demand by every stat board and GLCs. Top management positions are open to them. Anytime. 25/7.

Under Chew’s leadershit, our MRT system has become more unreliable and commuters don’t really know when they will be played out by another major disruption. But as usual, nothing negative was reported in the MSM. Kosong!

Chew must have picked up lessons on opacity from his political masters when he gave LTA the green light to conceal train cracks found on 35 China-made trains. Fortunately, Factwire, a Hong Kong news agency, managed to uncover the facts and disclosed the cover up. It was only after the public outrage that LTA decided to come clean.

But scholar Chew, and also other scholars, never had any guts to own up to any ‘mistakes’. Instead, MOT Minister Khaw tried to defend LTA in his usual cock talking manner; but by assuming citizens were born yesterday, Khaw caused even more public outrage. Truth be said, Chew is not resigning but is being “resigned” by his political masters because our MRT system is now in worse shape, 2 years after he was appointed CEO.

As for ex paper general Ngien, one should expect his performance to be on par with his predecessors or worse as our population heads towards 6.9 million. Ngien should have known that an MRT system designed for a much lower population will continue to fail commuters.

Ngien has merely agreed to be a punching bag for because he knows that after his service to his political masters, like Chew, he will be earning big bucks at a GLC.

Third sentence below Chew’s image, ‘leadershit’ should have read ‘leadership’. I apologise for the error.

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5 Responses to 20160926 Another ex paper general appointed LTA CEO, expect public transport circus to continue

  1. johnloh says:

    correction. should be leedershit

  2. Confused says:

    Over the years, Singapore has not only been good in forward engineering, but I believe it has gone on to become even better in reverse engineering.

    When proposal of multi millions $$ pay for ministers (including President) was raised, one of the main reason was without millions $$ pay, no ministerial calibered talent could be lured from real Private sector to serve the Singaporeans and it was quickly nailed. In fact, what was argued then was that they still have to sacrifice even with the millions $$ ministerial pay. Meaninge, they could get more millions if they stay in Private.

    Can we recall how many of such calibered ministers from REAL private sector have been attracted so far into the past and present cabinets? Those who came from full GLC related companies should not be counted as they are not REAL private because the shareholders and the paid up capital are simply the government (or Ministries owned) and our reserves/tax money respectively and none of the directors has a single cent share in the company. Furthermore, their mostly monopolised nature business will guarantee “Pok chiak” and make lots of monies. No risk at all.

    I wonder how much would a typical paper general make if they stay within the army? $30k monthly??? I also wonder if they draw multiple pay for holding multiple portfolios? What is the max. number of portfolios one should held? Do they work 24/7? Otherwise how do they justify their horrendous high pay?

    One can see that if paper general is promoted or parachuted to minister within a short span of time, is it not that Singaporeans are over paying for much less calibered ministers simply because they have not achieved that so called millions $$ status in the REAL private sector? Why should Singaporeans be made to overspend unnecessarily? It is all our tax monies.

    If everyone bother to think in depth, it is not difficult to realise that the elites who work as top civil servants and those in the GLC is taking home many more billions $$ pay had it not been the 70% who has given the government the “right” to spend freely and benefit themselves. Just for illustration, it only takes 1000 of them to draw $2 millions a year, it would be $2000 millions a year as compared with what would be spent on PGP which is only $400 million, it’s 5 folds not to mention those in $200k, $300k, $500k?

    Clearly, the Singaporean peasants are getting peanuts from the state (as grants, rebates or whatever names you call) and especially the PGP seniors would even thank them and worship them wholeheartedly like it’s god sent .

    I won’t be surprised Singapore would do a reverse engineering and would pay an ex-general much higher pay when they return to join GLC private by drawing the initial argument in Para 2.

    To me, GLC is never a REAL private company because none of the officials have to fork out their own monies and without taking own financial risk, they are just not worth such high pay and the fact if they are drawing multiple pay is even more absurd.

    it is always understood that with High Risk comes High Return and how can No Risk entitled to High Return, isn’t this totally wrong??????

  3. Phillip Ang says:

    Thanks for elaborating on this point. When PAP say they must pay themselves obscenely to attract talents from the private sector, it’s an outrageous lie. In fact, most from the private sector do not want to sell their souls to the devil because joining the PAP would mean they cannot be upfront with citizens and must help them conceal information which should have been in the public domain.
    Those ministers and MPs who were from the private sector are merely protecting their own interests, for example, their spouses could be working in corporatized stat boards, GLCs, civil service etc.

  4. Confused says:

    In fact what has been going on among LTA, SMRT and Temasek since the announcement made by LTA in July 2016 really puzzled me.

    On or around 16 July 2016 as reported in ST, Singapore Government through LTA announced to buy over SMRT’s operating assets such as trains and signaling system for $1.06 billion. So presumably, SMRT must have been paying for all the trains that it has acquired over the years.

    However, On 12 July 2016, it was reported in ST that LTA has awarded $368 million contract in 2009 to CSR Sifang and it would be interpreted that LTA paid for it through tax money. It then follows that whether if SMRT would has been doubled paid for that batch of trains, at least? It is not clear if other contracts were done the same way?

    I hope WP will ask our $8 by-pass minister Khaw to explain.

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