20160925 Singaporean peasants should not expect PAP elites to resolve problems not affecting them

PAP elites see themselves as superior in intellect and appoint like-minded elites to leadership positions to maintain control over Singaporean peasants. Our elites are so full of themselves and have an acute sense of entitlement to tax dollars.

On the surface, they appear all powerful but are in fact cowards who hide behind self created legislations and use their wealth to threaten citizens with lawsuits.

PAP elites are only book-smart: since most can’t even make it in the real private sector, they hide in government-linked companies for life and consider this the private sector. To many Singaporeans, they are nothing but low life parasites.

Does an elitist government serve the people? Strangely, a majority of Singaporeans seem to think so.

But all chronic issues affecting ordinary citizens will NEVER be resolved not because the elites are unable to: the issues don’t affect them one bit.

The clearest example would be our broken MRT system which will never be rectified because major train disruptions do not affect them.

When it comes to public housing, PAP elites don’t live in one. Oblivious to issues in the heartlands, they relaxed HDB rental rules more than a decade ago and flooded public housing estates with foreigners.

HDB lifts were also not properly maintained and taxpayers and residents will soon be held responsible for a $450 million rectification bill. A lift failure of this magnitude in posh apartments where PAP elites live is unheard of.

(Another reason for the ‘mistakes’ is our MND elites were helping other countries with mega projects such as the construction of Tianjin eco city. In April 2008, the MND unveiled a draft master plan of Tianjin eco city. This must have taken months and a huge amount of public resources but it was mostly for self interest.

PAP elites stand to gain from this because jobs were created for them, such as senior management positions in SSTEC. Keppel Corporation has also recently announced the appointment of SSTEC’s 4th CEO, ex paper general Tay Lim Heng..

Rest assured, Tay will not be paid peanuts when NOL’s ex paper general CEO Ng Yat Chung was paid US$2.7 million for sinking NOL. And SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek, another one of their kind, is paid $1.87 million to deliver a service which is on par with his predecessor.)

If someone living in a mini palace could serve peasants living in HDB cages, monarchy would not have been replaced by democracy.

With regard to healthcare, specifically the acute shortage of hospital beds in ‘C’- and ‘B’ class wards, PAP elites have never been bothered because they check themselves into ‘A’ class wards of private hospitals. These business class wards are readily available and a major surgery could cost as little as $8, cheaperer than the amount paid by 99% of peasants in economy class wards.

The biggest issue concerns the retention of $90 billion in CPF retirees’ funds. There would have been no issue if peasants were given a choice but obviously the decision had already been made by PAP elites. .

For more than 2 decades, CPF withdrawal rules have been tweaked to trap $90 billion in retirees’ funds (table below).

PAP elites do not contribute the same percentage of their income to CPF because of a contribution cap at about $100,000.

Contributor Annual Income ($) 20% Contribution ($) Actual Contribution ($) Actual % contribution
Peasants 40000 8000 8000 20
Elite 500000 100000 20000 4
Top elite 2200000 440000 20000 1

(If the cap on employee contributions did not exist, an elite would have at least $3.5 million ($100000 annually X 25 years, interest compounded at 2.5% minus minimum sum) in his Retirement Account after working for 25 years. Instead, the elite has only about $570,000, a ‘discount’ of almost $3 million.

The top dog has a better day: instead of $16.22 million in the RA, his ‘discount’ is a mind boggling $16 million. calculator)

The CPF withdrawal issue does not affect PAP elites and is in fact a non issue to them.

PAP elites are a disgrace to Singapore for we now hold the world record for the highest ratio of elderly taking on menial jobs to eke out a living. How are they to empathise with peasants when their parents are not in the same boat as, say, cardboard collectors? They are doing it for exercise, one ex paper general has claimed.

To sum up, every issue faced by peasants WILL NOT be resolved because the elites in government are not affected by the same issues. Every PAP effort is only for self gain, such as, setting up new ministry/stat boards to create jobs for elites, Temasek and GIC taking major stakes in companies to appoint ‘own people’ as directors, etc.

Serving Singaporean peasants is incidental to PAP elites. If possible, they would prefer ordinary citizens to get out of their elite uncaring face. Peasants should have realised by now that it has always been ‘we die our own business’. It’s naive to even entertain the thought that elites beg to be elected to serve peasants.

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1 Response to 20160925 Singaporean peasants should not expect PAP elites to resolve problems not affecting them

  1. Ghor says:

    Temasick and GIsee taking majority stakes in companies to appoint own people as directors. Isn’t this cronyism? I can see paper generals being parachuted everywhere. Why does GIsee and Temasick need to own majority stakes if they do not interfere with management of these companies. Obviously Singaporeans are taken for a ride. Somebody using our CPF to benefit their own friends. Could they be purposely using our CPF to buy high sell low in order to bail out their own investment?

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