20160915 You want to know what will really cause panic?

Minister Khaw should be awarded a doctorate in TKSS for inspiring junior politicians to follow in his footsteps. Self proclaimed Buddhist, the unbelievable stuff said by Khaw in an elitist manner is really unbefitting of a servant of the people. Perhaps Khaw should learn to meditate and control his wild imagination.

Most commuters are still unaware that we have been insulted by Khaw who wasn’t one bit apologetic for concealing material information from the public.

(In his “we all know” (PAP) get-out-of-my-elite-uncaring-face attitude) Khaw said: “If you were to go public … will you unduly and unnecessarily cause a panic among the people because “layman” (laughing) “we all know” the character because you see, to engineers….”.

To Khaw, a layman is someone who unthinkingly anyhow presses the panic button: that’s our character. Ordinary Singaporeans are stupid to Dr (TKSS) Khaw.

Khaw laughing like a fool while insulting commuters video link

Two months later, the MOT and LTA came clean by disclosing hairline cracks found on the bogie frames of 11 trains. But commuters did not switch to a different mode of transport en masse and neither did netizens lambast the government for being upfront: There was no panic.

What will really cause a panic among Singaporeans is the disclosure of all material information which PAP has concealed for decades.

For example, it would be interesting to know the exact number of PAP grassroots members who have business dealings with the government and the billions in contracts awarded to them.

Example: PAP grassroots member Calvin Teo’s Top Advertising earns millions in tax dollars but his name doesn’t even appear on his company’s website.

Every ministry is a client of Calvin Teo, a PAP grassroots member

Of more concern would be the use of our reserves because this is where the big money – billion$ – have disappeared without any accountability. Singaporeans don’t really need to argue with the PAP over peanuts social expenditures because once these billions are recovered, providing aid to needy citizens, healthcare costs, etc become a non issue.

Other issues which will cause real panic, if disclosed:

– Billions paid out to GIC’s fund managers to manage our CPF and reserves
– Billions paid out to Temasek’s directors and fund managers
– Salaries and bonuses of NTUC directors/government affiliated bodies
– Abuse of the civil service to jail political opponents
– No long-term planning, construct infrastructures as and when needed ASAP
– Billions invested in China with no guaranteed returns/investments may go pock kai.
– Director’s fees earned by ministers, perm secs, generals and top civil servants.

Example: As a director of NTUC Income, Minister Heng Chee How (PMO) had attended 9 meetings in 2015. Heng earned a side income of $41,500 or $4600 per meeting on top of his world-record civil service pay. How many civil servants and ministers are earning side incomes while neglecting their job? Is that the reason for frequent screw ups by PAP?

How many Heng Chee Hows are there in PAP earning $4600 per meeting?

Source (pg 18)

PAP and Singaporean elite public servants/earning tax dollars are collectively worth billions but of course this information has to be kept within PAP. Should PAP suddenly decide to come clean, this will certainly cause a panic among the people. Probably also to foreign investors.

There are of course many other issues which will cause panic, such as, our public healthcare system profiting from patients. In fact, there are simply too many issues because our government exists to rip off citizens in order to reward themselves and elites.

When Singaporeans start to reflect on the issues caused by PAP, only then will they will begin to understand that PAP’s system has to go. Or Singapore will.

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