20160912 Why are elected opposition MPs silent on billions taken from our reserves?

Tens of billion$ have gone in and out of our reserves vault since Tony Tan took office but this has been greeted by a deafening silence in Parliament.

The recent ‘proposed changes’ to Elected Presidency appears to be a desperate attempt by PAP to let the cat remain in the bag.

Are our reserves used to finance the construction of ‘ghost cities’ in China, with zero returns during the initial 15 years? Are they invested in foreign financial assets, many which went bust years ago? Is that the real reason why the government is forced to stinge on Singaporeans’ welfare, resulting in many elderly citizens collecting cardboards as a form of exercise?

It is understandable for PAP MPs to play deaf and dumb but isn’t it totally irresponsible of opposition MPs to do likewise?

Despite more than 2 decades in Parliament, WP has hardly raised questions on our reserves. Hundreds of billion$ = loose change?

It had to take an NMP, Lina Chiam, to take the lead in 2013 and ask obvious questions but since then, no sound, no shadow.

Lina Chiam wasn’t a rocket scientist and all it took was a few very simple questions to see the worms wriggling out from the can. But they have been allowed to crawl back in. Why?

Why has the PAP not provided a list of individual investments to Parliament? Are elected WP MPs privy to certain information and afraid that disclosure will cause panic?

We don’t need to have numbers but the right MP to ask the right questions. Dr Chee, Kenneth, Tan Jee Say and many others would have already done so years ago had they been elected.

At the rate WP is going, it will take forever to deliver on its promise of a first world parliament.

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4 Responses to 20160912 Why are elected opposition MPs silent on billions taken from our reserves?

  1. maruda170 says:

    It is more harmful than beneficial for WP to be so confrontational. Most Singaporeans are apathetic and are not bothered about billions being taken from the reserves. Only the tiny minority of hardcore opposition supporters care, and this number isn’t big enough to win an election. Dr Chee, Tan Jee Say and Kenneth Jeyaretnam pandered to this minority and lost big. In conservative Singapore, Dr Chee will never win an election because he is not viewed as a centrist. Look at the Bukit Batok by-election where Dr Chee couldn’t even get 40% of the votes despite a nearly 3 month long door-to-door campaign (it began as soon as David Ong stepped down), several rallies, an ethnic Indian opponent who is a poor orator, and the by-election effect. All these factors favoured Dr Chee and yet the majority gave a thumping victory to the PAP once again.

    The PAP has gerrymandered the electoral map such that there will never be another constituency like Anson where voters were attracted to JB Jeyaretnam’s far left views and brand of confrontational politics. In Aljunied and Hougang, the majority of voters are centrists who actually consider voting for the PAP. WP is right to focus on meeting the needs of the middle ground e.g. grassroots work and municipal issues. This reassures middle ground voters that WP can give them some opposition while continuing the good work done by PAP in their ward. The middle ground aka the uninformed swing voters actually think the PAP is doing a good job although not a great job in recent years. They can only be convinced to vote the opposition if the opposition does not oppose the PAP too much, and if they are reassured that they can still get grassroots activities and a well-maintained estate if they vote for the opposition.

    The WP’s approach is the only feasible approach. Do grassroots work for years, sweeten the ground and then contest and win seats, a few at a time while providing moderate, reasonable and cooperative opposition in parliament. It’s slow and boring but it is the only way that has been proven to work. There will never be another constituency like Anson, so your idea that ‘We don’t need to have numbers but the right MP to ask the right questions’ will never work. The majority of Singaporeans don’t respect Dr Chee, Tan Jee Say or Kenneth Jeyaretnam, and consistently refuse to elect them. They are not seen as heroes. Many deride them and think they are loonies who cannot work together with the efficient PAP government. I know this is not true of the confrontational opposition leaders, but the hard truth is that the majority of Singaporeans do NOT think like us opposition supporters. At the Bukit Batok by-election, the majority decided that PAP’s version of Dr Chee’s past was the absolute truth. Even when given a second chance to vote out PAP, they decisively voted for the PAP’s track record as opposed to Dr Chee’s shady past.

    The WP’s slogan was “Towards a First World Parliament”. It did not mean “Vote us and get a First World Parliament immediately!” GE2011’s result was a step forward towards the First World Parliament, but we have not arrived there yet. It may take decades, but a step forward in that direction is already a good thing in a politically conservative country.

  2. Phillip Ang says:

    Thank you for your comments.
    WP’s approach is no longer feasible and must be discarded. It has to wrest power from PAP first or it will be behind PAP in every move.
    Grassroots work is important but If it was effective, WP would not won GE 2015 by a whisker.
    The majority of Singaporeans have been bought over by PAP and will never be convinced of PAP’s incompetence even if its in front of their eyes.
    Rationale arguments are important but should not be the only approach.
    If PAP were to be transparent today, I believe not only will Singaporeans be shocked by what have been concealed for decades, the whole world will be disgusted.
    I will be writing to Pritam soon, not merely to critique WP but also to offer out-of-the-box suggestions. I will keep this reply short.
    It’s important to first check PAP’s power (there are ways) and put it on the defensive or there will not be any meaningful change. We have not been moving in the right direction.
    WP can’t win any battle by being defensive all the time.
    Every year, not decade, of delay allows PAP to increase its support by importing new citizens or hoodwink more Singaporeans with propaganda.
    Unfortunately, we do not have the luxury of time.

  3. Confused says:

    Realistically, all those people need to understand whatever the manifesto or promises the opposition put up can only be realised and put into place until any of them achieve the majority.

    In the meanwhile, they have to show and seen to be engaging the PAP as much as possble. It is through more pressing for answer that more cats may be out of the bag.

    It takes 10 lies to cover every lie told if any………

  4. sinkie says:

    Most WP MPs are now much more concerned over their own livelihoods and the potential loss of their $15,000 a month allowance. Unlike PAP MPs, WP MPs are mostly jobless or running small-time business that is not doing very well also. If WP MPs lose their seats tomorrow, they will find it impossible to get a job paying them $15K/mth. In fact they may find it hard to even get a job paying $4K/mth. At the end of the day, their own families and children come first. How to fight for other Sinkies (most of whom are ungrateful selfish self-centered bastards anyway) when you’re worried for your own livelihood and your children’s quality of life?

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