20160912 Singaporeans should not vote for a PAP-approved president

Who says there are issues with the EP, requiring amendments to the Constitution? Aren’t all the issues made up by PAP which is more concerned with self preservation than proper governance?.

As the PAP continues to prioritise unnecessary changes to the EP over the economy as well as more urgent issues, Singaporeans should expect tougher times ahead.


Is there something seriously wrong with our reserves that a non-PAP President must be prevented at all costs?

Singaporeans should not continue to allow PAP to frame national issues as if all our education has gone to waste. If there were issues with the EP, citizens would have highlighted them on social media or written to forum pages of PAP’s mouthpieces. But guess what? Nobody uttered a single word!

Law Minister Shanmugam has also tried to frame the issue in the MSM by claiming that “the “fundamental question” Singaporeans need to ask … the President to have the “real Power” to say no to the Government on certain issues”.

Again, this is not Singaporeans’ fundamental question but PAP’s.

The has never been an issue with allowing the President to have any “real power” to check on the PAP because a PAP-defined President cannot have any real checks on the PAP. How is the President able to carry out his responsibilities when he is “guided” by a CPA whose 8 members are all selected by PAP?

This has already been confirmed by Nathan’s and Tony Tan’s 17-year silence. “Real power”? Really?

The bigger issue here is whether Singaporeans should allow PAP to have “real power” to continue amending the Constitution at its whim and ride roughshod over our interests.

PAP says the number of private sector companies has increased from 158 to around 700 companies but this is only a half truth. Of the 700 companies, how many are government linked, one way or another? How many CEOs and senior executives are not afraid to stand against a PAP-approved candidate?

When you narrow down to minority races, the number of candidates is really a joke.

So, the end result is there will be only a handful of PAP-approved candidates standing against one another. And this is defined as ‘election’ in Singapore.

Singaporeans should register their disapproval of PAP amending the Constitution to entrench its power. Should PAP narrow down candidates to PAP-affiliated ones, it will leave me with no choice and my ballot paper will look like this:

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One Response to 20160912 Singaporeans should not vote for a PAP-approved president

  1. Confused says:

    The government will not be bothered with voters like you.
    It serves them better with your spoilt vote. The more the merrier.
    Head they win, tail you lose. There is only 1 outcome.

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