20160909 Elected president = PAP-appointed puppet

The proposals by the Constitutional Commission are so ridiculous that it borders on stupidity.

Requiring a presidential candidate to be a chairman or CEO of a company with a paid-up capital of at least $100 million already ruled out almost everyone with the exception of a few thousand wealthy citizens. Does this remotely resemble an election when the pool of candidates – less than 0.01 % of citizens – is pre determined by PAP?

In its desperate attempt to prevent a non PAP president from being elected, PAP has arbitrarily raised the bar by increasing the paid-up capital to $500 million. The Commission has insulted itself by claiming that “the President’s power and responsibilities are far more complex … necessitate … the requisite experience to discharge the President’s custodial role over the reserves”.

Every idiot knows our president is a PAP puppet and that’s why PAP needs to keep rewriting laws to exclude everyone else who refuses to be a puppet. I mean, can you imagine a non-PAP president responsibly disclosing to Singaporeans that we have 300 investments in GIC and Temasek that’s deep underwater, or something similar?

PAP shouldn’t keep insisting on the need to have a president with a second key to keep a watchful eye over our reserves. Nathan’s eyes were not watchful and he was caught napping. Since 2011, our reserves have been used for land reclamation, Jurong Rock Cavern costing $1.7 billion, etc but President Tony Tan seems lost and is too pai she to even open his mouth. Being elected by the people should mean Tony is accountable to Singaporeans. And silence is not accountability.

Nathan could not have discharged the President’s custodial role over our reserves because he did not even possess the requisite knowledge, such as a degree in finance/economics/accounting, etc.

Nathan’s highest academic qualification was only a Diploma in Social Studies from the University of Malaya. This can help or not? Did his knowledge in the Japanese language, which he had picked up during the Second World War while working as a translator for the enemy, help? How did Nathan discharge his complex responsibilities?

I believe in meritocracy and am highlighting the issue of academic qualifications because this had always been emphasised by LKY.

Under LKY, meritocracy and academic excellence go hand in hand or he would not have compared Mah Bow Tan’s ‘O’ level results with Chiam See Tong.

LKY scoffed at Chiam’s academic results but nothing was mentioned about Nathan’s highest academic qualification, ie Diploma in Social Studies when he stood for presidential election.

On the surface, it appears that the President will be able to act independently after being given the “custodial and discretionary powers to safeguard the reserves”. In reality, he has to be supported by a Council of Presidential Advisers who are all affiliated to PAP. So even a cleaner could become a president and there’s really no need to pay $1.54 million to some wealthy citizen to be a puppet. Every issue just consult the CPA can already la.

Coincidentally, all CPA members are PAP men.


PAP has always planned so far ahead to protect its interest that even if a non-PAP president were to be elected, he should prepare to be tripped by his own advisers.

In 1991, 26 years after independence, race wasn’t even an issue when it came to electing a president. But in 2016, 51 years after independence, race suddenly mattered to PAP. So all this racial integration thingy fed to Singaporeans and foreigners is all hogwash?

How could this be considered an election when 99.99% of adults, including ALL ordinary citizens, are ineligible to stand for election?

The Constitutional Commission has also suggested a “return to appointed President”. This confirms the elected presidency was poorly thought out: now that it may backfire, let’s scrap it?

The debate on the elected presidency has been a huge waste of public resources. PAP could have spent more time on proper governance and resolve more pressing issues.

With our Parliament, the entire civil service and MSM under PAP’s control, let’s not delude ourselves that we can have an elected president.

By constantly rewriting the rules at its whim, an elected president is effectively a PAP-appointed puppet.

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