20160906 Will Singapore be exporting Zika to other countries?

The number of Zika cases will soon top 300 and may even reach epidemic proportions. While this has yet to have any noticeable impact on the tourism industry, it may be a different story when Zika cases number in the thousands.

Soon, a Zika sea of red?


The top contender in 2016 before August was Thailand with less than 97 cases. But our officials were determined to swim faster than Schooling and came from behind to snatch the gold medal from Thailand. Hmm… always trying to be number one.

But how could Thailand, with a population 10 times higher than ours and a land mass at least 700 times bigger, have only 97 cases of Zika? This one I really don’t know what to say.

Could it be due to the ‘bochap” attitude of government officials, with one potential PM calling it a “mild illness”.

Anyway, our hospitals may soon run out of beds and it may not be effective to isolate Zika cases in hospitals, according to SMOS for Health Amy Khor.

And PM Lee had already predicted an out-of-control situation when he said “Singapore must assume Zika is elsewhere too, aside from Aljunied and Bedok”. What great foresight.

Hopefully, PM Lee’s “elsewhere” refers to only within Singapore. I mean, since we don’t like another country to export its haze to us, likewise, we should not export Zika to others.

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