20160822 Own self praise own self = leadership succession?

I refer to CNA’s “PM Lee emphasises need for leadership succession at NDR 2016”. The article is more of a joke with PAP members praising one another to high heavens throughout the entire article.

PM Lee touched on the topic of mortality and mentioned the scare caused by Heng Swee Keat’s stroke in May. PM Lee did not mention what he was scared of but it should not have been about Heng’s indispensability unless succession planning was not in place.

PM Lee than praised the SCDF, again, for the help rendered to Heng when he had a stroke more than 3 months ago. Heng, in a FB post after PM Lee’s speech, reciprocated by praising PM’s team and claimed he felt a surge of joy after PM Lee reappeared on stage. Heng then highlighted PM Lee’s concern about his health during his stroke recovery and kept wishing PM Lee well ad nauseam.

Heng went on to praise Minister Lawrence Wong who has been appointed to assist him as Second Finance Minister. Heng was certain Lawrence would be a “great team member” and highlighted Lawrence’s past achievements during the times when they had worked together.

As expected, Lawrence himself had only positive things to say about the PAP government on his own FB.

At this point, Heng still was not done and felt he had to thank not only DPM Tharman but Minister Iswaran, Indranee, Sim Chut-Pattern Ann, MOF and other officials, his colleagues in his constituency and Tampines GRC for their dedication. If possible, it is likely Heng might have wanted to name every individual.

Out of the blue, and as if to outdo everyone, MP Cedric Foo self praised the whole country and and PAP and said we are “so different from the rest of the world” because “we have a group of committed people”. By that, Cedric must have meant government officials in other countries are not committed, which of course can’t be true.

The article ended with Cedric continuing to bootlick his political masters.

Working relationship among PAP ministers seems to be more than perfect. All PAP ministers have perfected themselves, nothing more to be improved upon. Being in the PAP cabinet among perfect human beings is like living in utopia.

The entire article has little to do with leadership succession and it’s more about PAP ministers patting each other on the back. Own self praise own self = leadership succession? Go figure.

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3 Responses to 20160822 Own self praise own self = leadership succession?

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  2. Noor Azlena says:

    Hi Philip, I like your say-it-as-it-is style & sense of humour.

    I wonder if they would ever feel embarrassed at arse-licking each other. They talk a good job instead of doing a good one (where it matters). Shame shame..

    Cheers, Lena

    • Phillip Ang says:

      Flame proof politicians not bothered about their image. At the end of the day, they still have all the power and money.. at our expense. 😦

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