20160809 If don’t blame PAP, then blame my grandfather isit?

There are obvious reasons for me to keep heaping blame on an incompetent government. In fact, all citizens who love our country should do likewise.

I find it strange that unthinking Singaporeans are able to rattle off propaganda to defend just about EVERYTHING the PAP has done wrong, including epic screw ups. But if don’t blame PAP for their incompetence, then blame my grandfather isit?

PAP’s incompetence is the result of 5 decades of inbreeding and hearing only their own voices. In our unique demo-aristocratic country, major decisions are made behind closed doors by only a handful of ministers. PAP therefore is the rightful owner of a long list of self-created problems.

MP Goh Chok Tong’s “state = parent, citizens = children” analogy, again, comes in handy to help explain why PAP, and not your Ah Kong, is to blame.

PAP controls all public resources, similar to our parents who had full control of our lives when we were children. If our parents acted irresponsibly, speculated and made huge stock market losses leaving no food on the table, it’s obvious our parents are to blame. If they fully sponsored other’s children (foreign students) at local unis but providing only peanuts funding for us, are we supposed to blame grandpa?

Instead of resolving self-created issues, PAP simply reframes them using propaganda, blames citizens and uses this opportunity to throw the door wider open to foreigners, ie Singaporeans are choosy and don’t want to work in nursing. But isn’t the issue got to do with low wages in a high cost country? And aren’t wages being depressed in order for PAP-linked businesses like National Healthcare, SingHealth, etc to earn increasing profits?

If Singaporeans don’t want to be in nursing, don’t Singaporeans want to be doctors? Why is there an acute shortage of doctors till we need to import more than 25% of doctors, or 2,100 foreign doctors, to work in public hospitals and polyclinics in 2014? Why is PAP recruiting foreign doctors from third world countries who speak in funnily-accented English and unable to communicate with less educated and elderly Singaporeans?

The lack of doctors is due to poor/no planning by PAP 2 decades ago. After having paid themselves million-dollar salaries, if don’t blame PAP for their screwed up planning, blame my grandfather isit?

As the biggest employer, the government should have foreseen the need for engineers: new infrastructures are required and older ones require upgrading/more maintenance. However, nothing was done to attract Singaporeans to become engineers by way of increasing their remuneration. As usual, PAP took the easiest route by importing cheaper foreigners to do the job and subsequently put the blame on citizens.

In a 2013 FB posting, ex PAP MP Inderjit Singh had disclosed he earned $1900 as an entry-level engineer in 1985. 28 years later, the salary of an engineer had increased by a mere 37%! Who wants to be an engineer, keechiu.

During the same period, the cost of every damn bloody good and service had increased many times more than the token 37% increase in an engineer’s pay, eg a new 5-room HDB flat had increased by at least 400%.

Clearly, PAP’s planning is akin to looking for toilet roll after mission accomplished.

Original image

In December 2015, the degree-paper-cannot-eat MOT Minister Khaw told LTA to beef up the number of engineers because LTA might be taking over rail maintenance operations one day. But where to find engineers willing to work at depressed wages?

The ‘one day’ came very soon and merely 7 months later, rail assets costing taxpayers about $1.06 billion were transferred to LTA. And how did Khaw beef up LTA’s pool of engineers? PAP playing SIMCity or what?

PAP made the decision to privatise SMRT in July 2000 to generate income for Temasek. If not, Malaysian-born-no-transport-experience Saw Phaik Hwa would not have been appointed CEO. Saw was focused on expanding retail business for her Temasek boss and somehow forgot a rail system required maintenance. The rest is history.

The cause of incessant breakdowns of our MRT system, now extended to LRT, is none other than PAP’s incompetence. It has yet to acknowledge the main contributing factor: our mindless population policy. By appointing a paper general as the new SMRT CEO, PAP is clearly courting trouble but do Singaporeans have any say?

PAP-created problems are not confined to those above. When a party controls both demand (policy tools) and supply (public resources), it becomes the rightful owner of all problems. If don’t blame PAP, then blame my grandfather isit?

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