20160807 Police half-baked clarification in alleged child kidnapping case at VivoCity

With reference to “PRC tried to kidnap kid at Vivo city”, the police have concluded a thorough investigation and clarified that “it was not a case of attempted kidnapping”.

As per protocol, the police added it took a “very stern view” against people who knowingly spread false information and “will not hesitate to take action”.

Questions for our ma ta:

If it was not a case of attempted kidnapping what was it? Some prank? Mediacorpse filming a movie?
Were people spreading false information knowingly?
If it was not a case of spreading false information, why even mention this?
If false information was spread with the intention to cause undue panic, why have the police not taken any action?

In this particular case, the ‘false information’ included mentioning the “police .. confirmed that the PRC woman (alleged kidnapper) did it intentionally” and the “police said that from the CCTV, they saw that the PRC woman was stalking her niece for some time …”. link

Did the police made the above confirmation? Can anyone suka suka mention the police did such and such when they did not?

The party issuing a clarification has to shed light on the issue. In this case, the public is none the wiser but in fact more confused after such a half-baked police clarification.

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