20160807 Is DJ Joe Augustin living in PAP’s ivory tower?

I refer to “Jobless diploma graduate disappointed with degrading govt job fair” and “Radio DJ slams diploma holder for self-entitled rant against govt job fair”.

DJ Joe Augustin appears unable to comprehend what the jobless diploma graduate’s (let’s call him ‘A’) rant was all about. Instead, Joe twisted the issue into one of self-entitlement (PAP style) and gave a lecture on his secret of success.

Joe’s paymaster for most of his entire career was Mediacorp, an effective propaganda tool of the PAP. Joe left Mediacorp on 20 Feb but indicated he wanted to be reemployed by taxpayers (Mediacorp belongs to the government) on 23 February in a FB posting.

Joe’s FB post

So, is Joe doing the PAP a favour by scolding citizens who are merely highlighting a discriminatory employment policy which has resulted in depressed wages?

One of PAP’s tactics is to twist, divert the issue and attack the person. A good example would be master story teller, Minister Khaw. In 2013, he suggested Singaporeans had low CPF Medisave balances because we were lazy. This was of course another half truth similar to his $8 heart bypass operation.

Like Khaw, it’s definitely easier for Joe not to understand the real issue, ie PAP’s suppression of wages through our immigration policy.

Ravi Philemon’s video

Joe probably started working before 1990 when public housing was affordable (on a single income) and the government did not have an open leg policy.

For a while, Joe worked as a hotel room cleaner to save for his studies in Australia. But if he had to compete with foreigners and earned only $300 then (inflation adjusted to today’s wages), wouldn’t he have also complained? If Joe’s salary had been depressed, it might have taken at least a decade to save enough to study at the Melbourne Radio School.

Also, wouldn’t Joe have KPKB if there were thousands of foreigners demanding lower wages to fix electronic bug killers in his second job? Without any skill, which industry could Joe have turned to?

To put this into some perspective, my salary was about $1400 in 1988 after serving 6 years in the RSAF. I am sure that most regulars presently earn more than double of this amount in the same period. Should ‘A’ with 5 years of retail experience accept a 44-hour week for $1200, including overtime, in 2016?

Since 1990, our per capita GDP has also rocketed by 400% and new public housing units about 500%. Why are wages in the retail and F and B industry lagging by a mile?

The issue is not one of self entitlement: A’ is entitled to decent wages. It is the government which has failed to deliver on its promise to create good jobs, ie with good pay.

In the real world, many people are suitable to work only in certain industries facing the common issue of wage depression. The issue is not one of “if you continue to KPKB, you will not be successful” but PAP’s open leg policy which has resulted in wages of ordinary citizens racing to the bottom.

Joe’s success story in no way addresses this issue. He should not remain in PAP’s ivory tower.

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3 Responses to 20160807 Is DJ Joe Augustin living in PAP’s ivory tower?

  1. Xmen says:

    If Joe has any children, his day of reckoning won’t be too far away. Talk to any middle class parents with children entering the workforce and many are worried about their children’s economic future in Singapore.

    • Confused says:

      Do not be worried, their children will be well taken care.
      Don’t we already see so many of them. The children of ministers and even judges unless they choose not to, no?

  2. abpap says:

    you must understanf he is also a Foreign Talent from Brunei. Almost all FTs defend pap’s openleg policy. It is as if you are saying they are not talented

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