20160806 Mediacorpse caves in to public pressure, broadcasts Rio Olympics ‘live’

Mediacorp is no private company: it is funded by taxpayers and belongs to every Singaporean.

Singaporeans were outraged when told by none other than MCCY Minister Fu there would be no ‘live’ broadcast of the Rio Olympics. But of special importance to Singaporeans are our fellow citizens participating in swimming, shooting, badminton, rowing and sailing. Unlike the PAP which has spent tens of millions of taxpayers’ money to buy table tennis medals, Singaporeans are not interested in shortcuts to instant glory. So fuck the imported table tennis team.

As the minister looking after the interest of the community and our youths, Fu basically did NOTHING and willingly accepted a delayed broadcast. Now that there will be ‘live’ broadcast, Fu simply says she is happy for Singaporeans. So, commercial decision on 31 July = delayed broadcast but commercial decision on 4 August = ‘live’ broadcast? Fu is an utter disgrace for acting like a wimp.

One outstanding Singaporean by the name of Jose Raymond Thomas (a former Mediacorpse employee) did the right thing by speaking his mind. His FB post:

Raymond is only one of a number of sports officials who has been asked to remain ‘neutral’ on the issue of not having ‘live’ broadcast. But did Sport Singapore officials even have such authority? Did they receive instructions from PM Lee? If not, who? I hope more sports officials will have the balls, like Raymond, to speak up..

After successfully negotiating the new deal, Mediacorpse’s Dy CEO Chang Long Jong suddenly realised that his company has a social purpose! Shouldn’t Mediacorpse’s President’s scholar CEO Shaun Seow be making all the obvious statements instead of its Dy CEO?

Although Mediacorpse did attempt to betray Singaporeans by serving its political master, Channel News Asia highlighted only all the positive comments on its FB at the end of its article, eg “well done Mediacorp”, “very good last minute news”, etc.

But Singaporeans should beware that this is all propaganda and don’t kena hoodwink by CNA because Mediacorp is the parent company.

Singaporeans have stood united against PAP and proven we are no pushovers. Hopefully, we will have more opportunities to show our servants who the boss really is.

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One Response to 20160806 Mediacorpse caves in to public pressure, broadcasts Rio Olympics ‘live’

  1. low hian tiong says:

    Now you know who the big devil is. The rest are all bootlickers and running dogs.
    The saving grace is that more and more true blue singaporeans are coming onto the scene to join hands to fight all these running dogs especially the key bootlickers who do not have the BA….. to even say No!!!! to the demi-god
    KARMA is edging ever so close to him. Watch the finale on him, it will be tragically painful and horrifying. No matter how great he thinks he is, someone more damning is around the corner to deal the final blow. He will meet his just fate

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