20160801 Rio Olympics: Grace Fu anyhow chut pattern again, thinks all Singaporeans are stupid

Ahmad: Bro, you read today’s papers or not? Minister Fu again anyhow chut pattern and said got no live Rio broadcast because it is a commercial decision.

Arumugam: Actually her ministry already said this last week but termed it a ‘bailout’ to give the public an impression that tax dollars will be wasted. But is our enjoyment of a sporting event and supporting our fellow SINGAPOREANS a ‘bailout’?

Ah Kow: I think hor, her ministry paying $410,000 consultancy fee is the real bailout. MCCY already anyhow spent taxpayers’ money and now want to pretend its wrong to anyhow spend. Hypocrite right?

Arumugam: Fu also said “the Olympics is important for us … but its 30 hours away and the time zone is a bit different”. So mummy already decided the children should be in bed, cannot watch the game.

Ahmad: But where got time zone 30 hours away? She talking about the moon or what?

Ah Kow: Ya lor. This Fu her pattern really more than badminton, same as her AssMOS Sim Ann. I heard from my father got many different patterns when our policemen wore shorts and the most powerful one is called chut 48. I think quite soon she will start to use this pattern. What do you think?

Arumugam: Haha … I think she actually wanted to say something totally unrelated to confuse Singaporeans. Make a simple issue so complex like her bin centre so propaganda-loving Singaporeans will be impressed. Maybe she meant the flight time or something like that.

Ahmad: So how much will our enjoyment cost?

Arumugam: According to the report, it will cost about US$6 million or S$8 million. Seems a lot but it’s actually not because if you divide this amount by our citizen population, each person pays less than $3.

Ahmad: KNN, it’s not right for MCCY to decide on our behalf when the amount is peanuts!! How can we not support our local swimmer Joseph Schooling, shooters Jasmine Ser, Teo Shun Xie and other SINGAPOREANS?

Ah Kow: Bloody MCCY trying to talk cock again. How come gahmen can pay millions to import one whole team of foreign table tennis players plus coach? I want to go Hong Lim Park protest.

Ahmad: Bro, relak la. I understand how you feel. You know the PAP if cannot make profit or gain in any way, they will talk cock excuses, make themselves look bloody stupid but still don’t mind. Can save the money and pay themselves or Mediacock directors for more propaganda.

Arumugam: Talking about that, Minister Fu said the decision is commercial, machiam she suddenly lost all power. But the broadcaster is none other than Mediacorp and guess what? Mediacorp is 100% owned by the government. under Temasek Holdings. So that means it belongs to every citizen but we have no say in this.


Ah Kow: When PAP pay themselves millions it’s OK but when it comes to our benefit, say commercial decision. If Mediacock pays $8 million, that means $8 million less in Temasek’s annual report next year. Now I know the real reason.

Ahmad: Our IOC member Ng Ser Miang said it’s a pity we cannot watch live telecast and 2-time Olympian Mark Chay was also disappointed. Bottom line is the government doesn’t want to pay unless there’s revenue through advertisements or other means. Everything is about money to PAP.

Arumugam: You can tell the propaganda article by ST when it ended with a FB comment about few people staying up to watch and a delayed telecast is not a problem.

Ah Kow: Like that the PAP win leow lor. We just go suck thumb every time because everything already decided by cock talking ministers.

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One Response to 20160801 Rio Olympics: Grace Fu anyhow chut pattern again, thinks all Singaporeans are stupid

  1. low hian tiong says:

    What kind of rubbish a minister we have at MCCY. Instead of taking the blame every PAP MINISTER WILL ALWAYS HAVE STUPID reasons to cover their arsses….. its beyond words to describe our cabinet ministers. Spending $1/2million to build a “tong sampah”but unwilling to see our OLYMPIANS PIT against the best in the world. Its really “PIG’s mentality.

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