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20160720 If nothing wrong with expedited ICA clearance, why Minister Tan so upset?

Minister Tan Chuan Jin’s FB post has attempted to throw lots of smoke and miss the elephant in the room. Tan could have clarified in a calm manner befitting a minister and this would have won him some respect. Instead, … Continue reading

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20160719 Losing thousands of supermarket trolleys no issue to Fairprice

Since at least a decade ago, thousands of supermarket/IKEA/Courts trolleys have gone missing every year. They could be abandoned along walkways and roads, traffic junctions, below HDB void decks, etc or have become personal trolleys. It was recently reported that … Continue reading

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20160719 ICA should use discretion in clearing ministers at immigration checkpoint

Ahmad: ICA now cakap “normal to give clearance at Causeway for ministers”. But in this case it should have used discretion and not give Tan Chuan Jin preferential treatment. Paul Lampard: But he is a minister so why cannot? Ah … Continue reading

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20170717 Did civil service “tai chi” contribute to dengue deaths?

From: pipakh Sent: Sunday, July 17, 2016 5:30 PM To: PM LEE Cc: PM LEE PA 1 ; <a title=”ken_dxb ; JAYA ; <a title=”cklau60 ; LAY CHER ; <a title=”leon.perera ; MIN MASAGOS ; <a title=”MEWR_Choi_Shing_Kwok ; HDB CEO … Continue reading


20160717 The nutcase at CASE, our consumer watchpussy

Ah Kow: Bro, you heard California Fitness (CF) closed down one more outlet? How can lidat? Members sign up because they got facilities at Raffles Place but now direct them to Novena and Bugis. Ahmad: It’s unfair to members but … Continue reading

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20160716 New rail financing framework will reward Temasek/SMRT at commuters’/taxpayers’ expense

On 15 July, the government finally announced it would be taking over all “SMRT’s operating assets” to allow SMRT to focus on improving its service levels. As to be expected, the well-prepared propaganda is being executed by the MSM to … Continue reading

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20160716 Is Factwire calling Minister Khaw a liar for anyhow speculating on its hidden agenda?

Traingate has taken a new twist with FactWire not only rebutting Minister Khaw but possibly saying he is a liar. link** Khaw: “We are caught in a crossfire and there are factions in Hong Kong who wanted to cause some … Continue reading

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20160715 MOE’s new PSLE scoring system is a bad joke on parents, scholar system can’t change

Parents and teachers will continue to face unnecessary pressure because good grades have remained the only focus of our educational system. To better understand why, one just needs to look at top policymakers, perm secs, GLC CEOs and directors, paper … Continue reading

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20160714 How did alleged Standchart robber manage to flee Singapore?

The Standchart robbery has again put a spotlight on SPF. Looks like our scholars will be brainstorming preventive measures to prevent a recurrence of the same act? Just 4 months earlier, ST had trumpeted “Network of CCTV cameras proving effective”. … Continue reading

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20160713 MOT Minister Khaw says non transparency can prevent undue panic

The issue of 26 defective China-made SMRT trains has been making headlines since 5 July after this was reported by investigative journalism site Factwire. Since then, MOT, LTA and SMRT with the assistance of MSM (not stat board) have continued … Continue reading

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