20160728 Bin Centre Design Diploma course application closed, overwhelming response at all 15 Singapore Polys

Joint statement by 15 Singapore Polytechnics

We thank applicants for their interest in our little-known Bin Centre Design (BCD) Diploma course.

Please be informed that application is now officially closed. This is due to the sudden overwhelming response after the AGOgo report had highlighted the potential income of a BCD graduate. For other courses, please visit the polytechnics’ joint portal.

Our staff have been processing thousands of applications round the clock. We are surprised to find a significant number of applicants are doing undergraduate and post-graduate degree courses from local unis.

Five months into his MBA course, Mr Poon Soh Tung, said he was not aware of the BCD course. Since young, he used to play with the contents of rubbish bins in his neighbourhood and his ambition was to be bin centre designer. Mr Poon claimed that he would still have applied even if he had not heard about the $410,000 consultancy fee. We hope other applicants are as passionate as Mr Poon.

Law undergrad Miss Tong Sum Pah coincidentally has the same ambition. All applicants have told us they were appreciative of the minister who had generated publicity for the course.

However, a few applicants said they wanted to try a different course. Others claimed they were heeding a minister’s advice on not pursuing a university education and they vividly recalled he had said a degree is not vital for success and that it cannot be eaten.

These applicants were so impressed with the minister that they felt his wisdom probably transcended Christ’s, Buddha’s, Mahatma Gandhi’s, etc when he further explained the meaninglessness of having a degree, ie could not land one a good job or give one a good life.

The same applicants said a BCD diploma will enable one to have not only a good job and a good life, but a damn good one.

Based on the reported figure of $410,000 consultancy fee to design a bin centre for rubbish and assuming it took 3 months, a BCD graduate can earn at least $100,000 per month.

Please note all BCD graduates may not be able to earn such an income because, so far, only one complex bin centre has been needed. Other bin centres, such as those found in public housing estates, may require significantly less design expertise, resulting in less consultancy fees.

As only the best qualified applicants will be selected, the process will be time consuming so please be patient. All successful applicants will be notified in 2 years.

Thank you.

CEOs of 15 Singapore Polytechnics

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