20160726 Social disintegration and the Racial Harmony Day wayang

No thanks to PAP’s mindless immigration policy, Singapore’s social fabric is now in tatters.

The government has tried to provide an assurance that all is well with social integration but in reality, social disintegration has begun. PAP made a mistake when it allowed hordes of foreigners into Singapore before the original races in post independent Singapore had yet to be well-integrated.

Speaking on the sidelines of Racial Harmony Day sporting events, DPM Teo Chee Hean said: “If by having good racial harmony, it helps us to prevent, it helps us to respond, and it helps us to recover if ever an attack were to take place.” link This verbose sentence I catch no ball but it appears to be another instance of a minister stating the obvious.

On people who encourage extremism and violence, Teo said: “We should stop these people, we should take them in and make sure that we guide them along the right path if we do find such people in Singapore.”

The funny thing is a police report had been filed against a certain pseudo intellectual in December last year but the police did not take him in and make sure he received proper guidance. Three weeks ago, I highlighted this issue to PM Lee but till now, still no sound no shadow. Was Teo serious or talking something?

Teo happens to be my MP and it appears he does not even know what’s happening in my “well-integrated” neighbourhood. Since years ago, a group of PRC Chinese have been sitting and chatting in an open area, almost nightly, while groups of locals mostly at void decks. Were they integrating? Children of foreigner Indians, perhaps new citizens/PR, are also mostly playing among themselves. Integration?

Although I often travel to different parts of my estate, I hardly see any integration!

Teo may be forgiven for his ignorance because his grassroots members would have whispered sweet nothings to him about social integration. But what about our imported national paddlers? Till today, most can’t speak proper English and if they can’t even speak, how are they to communicate, much less integrate with society?

Take for example Feng Tian Wei who has to read from a note prepared for her in her thank you speech last year, after living in Singapore for 8 years! video

Given a choice, people naturally gravitate towards their kind when they live in a foreign country. But PAP makes it even easier for non integration by bringing in as many foreigners as possible to generate economic growth: integration was an afterthought.

Some readers and foreigners may be thinking that I am xenophobic but I too have relatives from Vietnam, France, Malaysia and Thailand.

All foreigners should be welcomed here, regardless of their wealth status, but not at PAP’s insane rate.(chart below) because integration needs lots of time and space.

It’s wrong for PAP to force Singaporeans locals to integrate with foreigners by more than doubling the number of new citizens since 2004. From 2005 to 2009, PAP took in 300,000 new PRs without considering integration issues.

PRC Chinese are worlds apart from Singaporean Chinese: we have a different values, habits, tastes, culture and history. Should we be forced to integrate against our will?

Similarly, the only common thing between Indians from India and Singaporean Indians is the name of their race.

Are Filipinos integrating with locals at their places of worship? Don’t they have their sub committees, similar to a PAP RC’s in 2013?

PAP RC had a Filipino sub-committee in 2013.

Before the PAP government considers throwing the Sedition Act at me, consider this:

Apart from my foreigner relatives, my bestest friend is an Indian. We have known each other for decades and nothing under the sun cannot be spoken between us. As one belonging to the minority race, he feels discriminated after 50 years of ‘racial harmony’. Many others like Tabitha Charmaine have also complained on social media.

Coincidentally, my friend also has relatives who are from different races and nationalities. And not forgetting my very good Malay sister in law (always one, regardless of status change).

When I bought a resale second floor HDB flat, I became the minority race. I had 2 Malay and 1 Indian neighbours, but now all neighbours are Malay. I also speak pasar Melayu and my next door macik once told me I am like an anak to her.

Since young, I have always looked at another person as another human being. There would be much lesser issues in the world if others held a similar view. Seriously, if you have read my emails to PM Lee, you would have also known I don’t even discriminate between a cabinet minister and a cleaner.

What is missing for true integration to take place is a conducive environment which we had years ago, no thanks to PAP training its sight on million-dollar salaries.

True racial harmony takes generations and occurs in a natural and stable environment. It can never take root in a country where the bottom line is always about dollars and cents.

Singapore also has a discriminatory ethnic integration policy (ethnic quota) which is applicable only to middle/low income earners living in public housing. Wealthy PRs/new citizens are subjected to such a policy. And so Melville Park condo and some condos in Katong are now Little India of sorts. Integration or disintegration?

PAP should seriously consider renaming People’s Park to PRC Park to reflect the increasing number of PRCs vs locals. There are now more PRC shoppers and PRC businesses which employ their own nationals as well.

If our society is well integrated, people of different nationalities should not need to congregate at any particular place. How often do we see foreigners and Singaporeans interacting in public places?

Our ethnic integration policy shouldn’t be hailed a success because no one has been keeping track of its progress. The fact is residents are not integrating as planned. For example, void decks were planned as activity centres for residents to integrate but are mostly deserted. And PAP is not bothered. Since little integration took place, void decks were suddenly no longer necessary for integration and converted to hundreds of kindergartens, clinics and whatever PAP decides to construct.

Racial Harmony Day is a wayang where the PAP can continue to delude themselves until forced to leave their bubble. Not only is it impossible for any meaningful integration to take place, the huge influx of foreigners is a destablising factor which has caused an insidious social disintegration.

Racial integration cannot be legislated nor enforced. If the government has to continue throwing million$ at community events to showcase and promote racial harmony to the world, then something must be very wrong with this ‘harmonious’ relationship

The government should be mindful of social disintegration which has begun and not place too much hope on an imaginary ‘racial harmony’ preventing, responding to and recovering from a terrorist attack, should one take place. If we are indeed harmoniously living together, there would be no need to keep stating the obvious.

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