20160724 PAP pot should not call the AHPETC kettle black

When I read Minister Shanmugam’s lengthy Facebook post sliming WP, it gave me the impression that he’s someone highly overpaid.

Two wrongs certainly don’t make a right but in reality, WP’s lapses pale in comparison with PAP’s/PAP town councils’.

Regardless of WP not keeping its election promises, Shanmugam should not have assumed he could stand on moral high ground to lecture opposition members. Not when after PAP had sold public assets to its own $2 company AIM behind HDB residents’ back.

Shanmugam’s description of AHPETC sounded like the public’s perception of PAP town councils.

For example, when he said “mismanagement of its town council”, didn’t PAP MPs also mismanaged their town councils so badly that HDB lifts have started breaking down regularly in record time, caused a resident to suffer spinal injury and another getting killed, a record number of residents inconvenienced, etc? Link

And to confirm PAP’s mismanagement of its town councils, the BCA had to be roped to save PAP’s hide by introducing measures to tighten lift maintenance and enhance lift safety.

Below is a list of descriptions by Shanmugam which could also have aptly described PAP/its town councils:

– The rot is at the top.
– Suppressing the truth.
– Truth is a tradable commodity.
– Used highly irregular shortcuts. (for economic growth)
– Obviously … thought … they could play … residents – and Singaporeans – for dummies.

Unless PAP’s house is in order, the pot should not even try to call the kettle black.

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4 Responses to 20160724 PAP pot should not call the AHPETC kettle black

  1. Sinkie says:

    PAP is turning the lift breakdowns into yet another “What’s wrong with collecting more money” opportunity.

    With the stricter lift maintenance regulations and the new requirement for town councils to hold more money in their sinking funds and to allocate more of their sinking funds for life repair & replacement, this has effectively given PAP town councils the excuses to further increase Conservancy & Service Charges by 2018.

    They just increased in 2015, so cannot increase this year or next year.

  2. Manu says:

    Why nobody exposed their TCs, which misused public fund with high risk investment instead of developing infrastructure in their constituents.
    How about lift maintenance, why nobody dared to sue them? Is Singaporean waiting for their own death then bring the ruling party to task? This is very selfish, Singaporean didn’t think how next generation will suffer if they dare not to correct abuse of power at this current situation.

    • Confused says:

      This reminds me of MCST of a condominium. What will happen to the Management Councils if monies were lost due to poor investment? In some cases, councils would have obtained the general body consensus before doing so but in Town Council, who made the decision? Were the people consulted? They will always say it is for your own good. Really?

      The trouble we have is all these leaders deal with public monies which is not their own money and get themselves handsomely paid without having to take responsibility for any poor outcome or wrong call. They will never feel the pain and therefore will never learn and worst, they will get bolder as mandate grows stronger. Who do not want this type of job?

      So what are they good at? Not enough, increase contribution lah. Why? They are in monopoly business and the “shareholders/officials of the companies” which didn’t invest a single cent of their got paid better than what a genuine company directors would have paid themselves.

  3. wongcheokwan says:

    Confused– is right. GRASS-LOOTING goes on unabated. Make profit,by spending other peoples ‘ blood sweat money on ” upgradings or improvements “. The KIA SOO wanted this.

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