20160722 Minister Khaw wants to inconvenience train/bus commuters with unnecessary trial

Minister Khaw has recently announced he will be putting the cart before the horse.

Some time later this year, MOT will conduct a trial – foldable bicycles and personal mobility devices (PMDs) will be allowed on public transport during peak hours. But is this trial even necessary?

Aren’t our trains already packed like sardines during peak hours? So where is the additional space for foldable bicycles and PMDs?

On occasions, commuters can’t even board the next train/bus!

But ST shows ideal situations – foldable bikes on trains during off peak hours


Depending on the size of a foldable bike, it could take up the space of up to 2 standing passengers. Khaw should just try bringing a foldable bike onto a bus during peak hours and tell us how he manages to move to the exit.

On concerns of commuters worrying about the lack of space Khaw urged “cyclists to refrain from entering buses and trains that are crowded”. But how many buses and trains are not crowded during peak hours? When was the last time Khaw took public transport? Last century?

If cyclists are dumb enough to listen to Khaw, they will be waiting forever for the next train that’s not crowded!

Khaw also said the success of this trial hinges on commuters’ need to “give and take,…”. So he should give up his car and take public transport lor.

To reinforce the same message, newbie PAP MP Saktiandi Supaat has parroted Khaw’s advice: “If it’s crowded, don’t push yourself in, wait for the next train.” What if the next not crowded train comes in an hour? Can commuters be programmed by input from this jiak liao bee MP? Singaporeans are being insulted with MPs and ministers behaving like our mothers when we were children.

The success of this trial will not necessarily mean drivers will be leaving their cars at home. In such hot, humid and unpredictable weather, which executive will switch to cycling if they can afford to drive? How many civil servants will heed Khaw’s motherly advice? Will thousands of foldable bikes and PMDs of commuters who are non car owners find their way into our already overcrowded public transportation during peak hours?

Every 6 years or so, the population would have increased by some 500,000. Since overcrowding will only worsen, and the government has no solution to its own screwed up planning, why create more issues?

The government should be aware that a designed-for-4-million population MRT system has already broken down under the weight of its mindless population policy. Now, when our PTOs can’t even accommodate commuters, why try to cram foldable bicycles and PMDs onto buses/trains during peak hours?

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One Response to 20160722 Minister Khaw wants to inconvenience train/bus commuters with unnecessary trial

  1. Confused says:

    @Philip, I don’t have the insider information but it may be announced in the next few days that they will shorthen the trains waiting time to every 15 seconds since smrt related news are released almost every other days. This will surely make his trial a success.

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