20160719 ICA should use discretion in clearing ministers at immigration checkpoint

Ahmad: ICA now cakap “normal to give clearance at Causeway for ministers”. But in this case it should have used discretion and not give Tan Chuan Jin preferential treatment.

Paul Lampard: But he is a minister so why cannot?

Ah Kow: Hello, PLP. What you talking about? Paper general not going on official visit but having “a day of outing and fun” with his residents” la.

Arumugam: Unless he was on an official visit, there would be no issue. But going on an outing is ridiculous! What kind of stupid law do we have?

Ah Kow: Ya. Then what if he wants to go JB shopping with his whole family and relatives also hire a bus? Not unfair to everyone in the queue, some waiting for a few hours, meh? Every minister leaving Singapore for leisure should join the queue like any citizen.

Paul Lampard: But if a minister joins the queue, isn’t he a sitting duck for terrorists?

Arumugam: Then sitting like a duck on our side of the Causeway or in JB, which is safer? What do you think?

Ahmad: Also doesn’t make sense to clear one bus and make the 19 buses wait right? Why paper general go JB one hour earlier and wait for his residents there? Oogle at ‘minahs’ isit? Haha

Arumugam: When a CEO goes on a company trip, will he insist on going to the VIP lounge while the rank and file makan at the food court? I think everyone should be traveling together regardless of status.

Ah Kow: But Singapore is different and one minister long long time ago already told Singaporeans high is not low, below is not above. No wonder Singaporeans KPKB about our double standard system!

Many more interesting quotes @ askmelah

Paul Lampard: OK, OK. I understand what you all are talking about now. ICA should have used discretion and take into account the purpose of Tan Chuan Jin’s visit. If to makan durians with 20 busloads of “my type of people”, then he should wait in line. If to visit royalty or official work, then it’s fair to expedite clearance. I will feedback this to the government.

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