20160717 The nutcase at CASE, our consumer watchpussy

Ah Kow: Bro, you heard California Fitness (CF) closed down one more outlet? How can lidat? Members sign up because they got facilities at Raffles Place but now direct them to Novena and Bugis.

Ahmad: It’s unfair to members but what to do? Singapore consumer protection so weak because government only want to protect businesses.

Ah Kow: When they closed the Ngee Ann City outlet, public still got faith in them. One member just signed up a 26-month package for $1700 only 10 days ago. Now jialat leow.

Arumugam: CF is in trouble because of rental arrears. Since it was in dire financial straits, it should not continue to recruit new members. Those who signed up for the convenience of 4 CF gyms are able to use only 2 now. Thousands of members all crammed like sardines into 2 gyms.

Ahmad: Imagine you are standing so close to the next person got BO perspiring like shit how?

Ah Kow: But now Consumer Association of Singapore has stepped in right? Fight for consumers’ rights.

Arumugam: No.  CASE chief has only “urged CF to be more forthright about its upcoming plans”. CF members have already been shortchanged but this clown from CASE can’t even help one bit but only “urge” CF to be more upfront.

Ahmad: Ya lor, must be dam malu to call themselves our consumer watchdog. Every time when there’s an issue, all acting like pussies. Better to call themselves consumer watchpussy.

Ah Kow: Haha. I think you are right.

Arumugam: CASE also advised CF members to ask the gym about “the lease of the outlet they intend to use before signing a package”.

Ahmad: Wa lau eh, like dat might as well ask to see all their accounts, better right? They cannot lie about the lease meh? Maybe must tell them to sumpah also.

Ah Kow: Ya lor. In other countries, consumers are protected and their real watchdog will intervene to prevent other consumers from being conned. Now if new members get conned by CF, they will come up with more ridiculous advice.

Arumugam: CASE is always reacting to situations and not helping much. People appointed by the government loves tai chi and will work only when there’s credit. I can only say the person offering such a stupid advice must be a nutcase at CASE.

Ah Kow: I think this CF case gone case leow. Maybe if someone make video like Vietnamese tourist at Sim Lim Square, then CASE will do something. Better go jogging at the park and get free workout at exercise corner below my block.

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One Response to 20160717 The nutcase at CASE, our consumer watchpussy

  1. Confused says:

    What is wrong with collecting more money?

    As usual, CASE is always postactive instead of proactive.

    Nothing new indeed

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