20160708 Is robbing a foreign talent now?

It’s difficult to keep track of what PAP considers foreign talents. It appears robbing is now one of them.

Ang moh foreign talent robbed Standchart bank of $30,000 on 7 July


Besides robbing, cheating is probably another foreign talent and the infamous man is none other than former PRC tour guide Yang Yin. Since 2014, cheater Yang has also been living in Singapore’s Changi Hilton (probably) on taxpayers’ account.

While Yang was helping out at PAP MP Intan’s grassroots events, he was also busy helping himself to a widow’s millions.

Strikers are another group of talented foreigners PAP must have welcomed with open arms. On 26 November 2012, more than 170 of them went on a historic strike and this helped SPF and our courts increase their falling productivity. Singapore Tourism Board must have also been quietly pleased by the foreign media coverage as it had saved hundreds of thousands in advertising fees.

Strikers were given free plane tickets home to visit their families for an extended period

Rioting is considered another foreign talent. And PAP had to recruit these talented indivuals from overseas because no Singaporean had displayed this particular talent for decades. While PRCs were talented at cheating and striking, it is the Indians who were really good at overturning, burning and damaging police cars.

Singaporeans only talented in classrooms and firmly believe in law and order
Image Reuters

The list of foreign talents is increasing by the day and now includes tissue paper sellers, cardboard collectors, hawkers who cant cook authentic hawker food, murderers, etc.

Perhaps the person who coined “FT” would like to provide a complete list to the public?

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2 Responses to 20160708 Is robbing a foreign talent now?

  1. Xtrocious says:

    Must be more specific – bank robbery

    Some foreigners have been committing robbery for some time liao

  2. Phillip Ang says:

    Will try to be next time. Din know the situation really SO bad. 😦

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