20160706 HDB and URA losing money on car park maintenance? Sure or not?

In any democratic country, an issue which affects 80% of the population has to be debated in Parliament. In our pseudo democracy, PAP decides; “never mind what the people think”.

Now that PAP has decided to increase public car park charges, without consultation with even its own MPs, backing down will be disastrous. Better to continue with propaganda with help from our 154th ranked media.

But the PAP should not expect thinking citizens to blindly accept its wild claim that “HDB faces $100m yearly loss without parking fee hike”. This is because Singaporeans are all too aware of PAP’s left to right pocket transaction where it is ultimately the beneficiary of every scheme. For example, HDB’s yearly billion dollar losses is actually SLA’s profit.

The increase in the number of HDB car parks (additional level in multi-storey car parks) during the last few years is confirmation of a shortage. With increasing revenue, how did HDB and URA end up ‘losing’ more money?

The introduction of electronic parking gantries has to result in cost savings. Why increase charges if there will be cost savings from increased productivity?

When the government monopolises car park maintenance, market forces do not determine charges: they are arbitrarily set by the PAP. So which monopoly in essential services loses money? PAP Inc only?

The PAP never loses money: Singaporeans do. From the implementation of Medishield Life and CPF Life, sale of medication in polyclinics, self determined $38.97 consultation charges for polyclinic doctors (now $41.68), etc Singaporeans are the losers because PAP factors a profit element into every transaction. With profit-making forever on its mind, the PAP is now forcing HDB residents to pay more for parking charges.

Thinking car owners should not allow PAP to anyhow pluck a $100 million ‘loss’ out of the air. Is PAP accounting = conventional accounting or something else? Why afraid to provide a breakdown and let us decide if the yearly losses are real?

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