20160704 PM Lee’s message to youths: PAP made tons of mistakes, so should you

PM Lee: “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because that’s the beauty of being young.”

Is PM Lee even in a position to try and inspire our youths to pursue their dreams?

First off, he has led a life mollycoddled by the most powerful man, Lee Kuan Yew, and is divorced from the reality of ordinary citizens. Worse, with PAP’s dollars-and-cents bottom line and “instant tree mentality”, is there room for non elites to make errors?

OK, if I were young, I would probably dream of becoming a social activist and my passion would see me fight tooth and nail for transparency and accountability. But what I have witnessed is social activists like Roy has been sued by none other than PM himself, cartoonist Leslie Chew was arrested because PAP was not flame proofed, 16 year old Amos Yee jailed 55 days for insulting LKY, etc.

Hmm .. can PM Lee confirm I should pursue my dream of becoming a social activist?

Clearly, PM Lee has got to be kidding and he should have said this to our youths on 1 April, not Youth Day.

If our youths had not been brainwashed by SS in school, they would probably take PM’s encouragement with a ton of salt. There’s a stark difference between PAP’s and non elites’ mistakes.

In the non-elite sector, epic mistakes equivalent to those made by ministers are unforgiveable; CEOs who screwed up will either pai seh own self resign or kena booted out. But PAP under PM Lee has seen our CEO-equivalent ministers simply transferred
to other ministries to make more mistakes, including perm secs and stat board CEOs.

PM Lee has contradicted himself because, under the PAP, we have a “kiasu, kiasi” system where the surest way to obscene wealth, PAP’s narrow definition of “success”, is by being book smart. If not, why are the children and relatives of elites mostly dependent on taxpayers’ handouts and not displaying their talents in the real world?

How come so many of them in government-linked companies pursuing, coincidentally?, the same dream?

Despite making tons of mistakes, our ministers have achieved their dreams through their passion

With odds stacked up by the PAP against ordinary citizens, making mistakes is next to impossible. Unless one is lucky enough to have a gold mountain as high as our ministers’, few can really afford to screw up or take the less trodden path.

Finally, just look at the increasing number of tuition centres at (some recently-renovated) shopping malls and Community Clubs. For youths to makes mistakes and pursue their dreams?

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