20160703 Does town council pay for greeting banners?

From: pipakh
Sent: Saturday, July 02, 2016 7:50 PM
Cc: PM LEE PA 1 ; <a title=”ow_foong_pheng ; MIN LAWRENCE WONG ; <a title=”andrew ; YAHOO ; <a title=”zblocal ; ST LOCAL ; <a title=”stnewsdesk ; TOC ; <a title=”news
Subject: 20160703 Does town council pay for greeting banners?

Dear PM Lee

I refer to my queries to my town council (enclosed).

My queries:

– Who pays for the greeting banners?
– How much does the town council spend on banners every year?

Residents’ conservancy charges have been arbitrarily increased and I believe the town council has not explored all cost-cutting measures.

MPs are paid an overly-generous allowance and if they feel the need to greet residents during all festive occasions, it should be at their expense, not ours. Would PM Lee’s relatives be asked to pay for greeting cards sent by PM Lee? It’s a ridiculous situation with such an arrangement by town councils, isn’t it? I am assuming residents are paying for the banners.

It has been most unproductive for my town council to continue acting like my master. Why can’t it provide answers to simple queries?

Thank you and have a nice day.


Phillip Ang

From: pipakh
Sent: Thursday, March 05, 2015 12:25 AM
Subject: 20150305 Does town council pay for greeting banners?


I notice there are banners with greetings from MPs.

Does our town council pay for such banners (photo below)? How much does the town council spend on these every year?

Thank you.


Phillip Ang

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3 Responses to 20160703 Does town council pay for greeting banners?

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  2. xyz says:

    Hi Phillip,

    Do the authorities or persons concerned even bother to reply your emails? At most just standard template with a “non-answer” or total silence. I think most of the time it is total silence.

    This has been the attitude of civil service & govt officials since about 10 years ago. And it’s getting worse & worse now.

    • Phillip Ang says:

      For this reply, we are talking only about feedback on general public issues.
      Their response depends on what the issue is about. Like when I asked PMO about Temasek’s directors’ fees twice, they have understandably refused to disclose any information.
      Others, they will provide template replies but if you escalate to ministerial level, and if its not confidential, you should be able to get a reasonable response. You can see the results from my persistence and out of the box approach in my feedback. 🙂
      I have posted a lot of my correspondence @ https://letterstostandtoday.wordpress.com/
      A lot of info is being concealed and I would advise Singaporeans to exert more pressure to open up their books. After all our money is involved.
      Overall, they cannot afford not to take action on some of my feedback which were copied to ministers, MSM and social media. My approach is they are my servants and if we want them to start behaving and serve us, there has to be serious engagement. They have gotten worse because of our fear to engage them. 😦
      But bear in mind we are mere mortals and there are limits to our efforts.

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