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20160613 Should Singapore government shut down completely to prevent a terrorist attack?

Ah Kow: Bro, you all read the latest news? PM Lee cakap next May all 100,000 computers use by the public service will be cut off from the internet. He also say this is “absolutely necessary” and government take these … Continue reading

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20160608 Non transparent MP’s company should delist from SGX

Hai Leck Holdings Limited, a public-listed company, reads like a PAP-affiliated company; it has 2 ‘BBM’ directors and 2 ‘PBM’ directors. This is because the recipients of National Day awards are 99.99% PAP grassroots members. Source: 2014 Annual Report On … Continue reading

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20160608 Stop the wayang, tell Singaporeans the truth about Minister Heng’s medical condition

It has been almost one month since Minister Heng underwent surgery at the Tan Tock Seng Hospital on 12 May. The government has continued to give Singaporeans the impression that all is well with Minister Heng when all is not: … Continue reading

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20160606 Minister Khaw still wants to praise SMRT for its failure

Arumugam: Bro, you read about the new SMRT wayang? Main actor Minister Khaw said “Rail system working towards regaining earlier standing”. Ah Kow: Aiyah, nowsadays use to all this wayang already la. Commuters fed up kena breakdown so many times … Continue reading

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20160604 PAP grassroots member’s company not steady leh, selective information on company’s website deleted

My previous post made references to MES Group whose subsidiary Mesdorm was fine $300,000 for housing 542 workers above the legal limit in unsanitary and unhygienic living conditions. Selective information has been deleted subsequently, leaving only information pertaining to its … Continue reading

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20160602 Dormitory operator’s illegal profits should be confiscated in addition to $300,000 fine

I refer to CNA’s “Dormitory operator fined S$300,000 for housing foreign workers in overcrowded conditions”. For exceeding the housing limit of 4500 foreign workers at the Blue Stars Dormitory by 542, K T Mesdorm was fined $300,000. Somehow, the fine … Continue reading

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20160601 GIC and Temasek take little risk with our CPF and reserves?

Recently came across this December 2014 Bloomberg article: “Since then, GIC has moved away from the endowment model of strategic asset allocation it had followed for a decade. In the process, it’s become one of the world’s most aggressive sovereign … Continue reading

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