20060630 LKY: HDB value may be affected by poor estate maintenance

ASS reader Calvin Koh quoted LKY: “If your MP is not honest, or not competent, you will know it soon enough,” said then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew in his 1988 National Day message. “And if your estate is poorly run, repairs slow, and lift maintenance poor, you will be inconvenienced and worse, the resale value of your flat will be affectedYour personal well-being will be at stake when you choose your MP.”

LKY was certainly way ahead of his time when it came to municipal issues. He had already known that those who joined PAP were only there for the power and money. Over time, it was natural to become lazy and incompetent after spending hours smiling at their monthly CPF statements and thinking of ways to spend the obscene amounts of tax dollars.

‘Honesty’ is rather subjective and I would question the integrity of those who conceal information for ages as well as others who are generous with large doses of half truths.

As for our estates being poorly run, it is a fact for all with eyes to see. If you have yet to notice, estate officers are mostly MIA and their job has been left to cleaners, no inspections, no nothing. HDB residents have been shortchanged as we are being forced to provide feedback on common sense issues: town councils do not have a proper maintenance regime. Many frustrated residents have taken to STOMP to highlight TCs’ incompetence.

No longer lift malfunction but even lift door broken in Bukit Merah on 24 June
Resident steps out of lift at Jalan Bukit Merah block just 10 minutes before this happened

Littering in public places is not considered an offence whenever civil servants don’t feel like working. The culprits just inconvenienced hundreds of residents and obviously need to be taught a lesson. But don’t expect the estate manager to identify them and bring them to task.
How to use the lift like that? Inconsiderate Sengkang resident fills it to the brim with rubbish

Foreigners have been using playgrounds to hang their laundry for years, thinking – confirmation of estate officers MIA.

.. and hundreds more of such instances.

LKY had predicted that our estate would be poorly run, lift maintenance poor and our well being would be affected. All these have come to pass.

If LKY did not have a fake crystal ball, Singaporeans had better prepare to accept lower prices for HDB flats as LKY had also predicted – “resale value of your flat will be affected”.

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