20160623 “All 400 lifts in housing estate hit by power outage” soon?

On Sunday night, all 3 lifts broke down at a 33-storey Woodlands HDB block.

Two days later, all 4 lifts broke down at a 40-storey HDB block in Dover Cresent.

A resident of the affected block in Dover Cresent told CNA that there had been issues with the lifts since more than 5 years ago. It is believed that the lifts under Halimah Yacob’s town council had also previously malfunctioned.

It appears the government has constructed higher buildings on the assumption that nothing would go wrong. Contingency plans were not needed as problems would be solved only when they arises, similar to MRT breakdowns. Good planning? What would have happened if there was an emergency on the 30th or 40th floor?

Town councils should not have compromised on quality and safety by awarding contracts to the lowest bidder. By putting in a low bid, contractors would need to find ways and means to increase their profits by hiring ‘qualified’ foreign workers and using ‘Made in China’ materials.

Once the job has been outsourced, town councils are basically bochap and rely on contractors to do the job. Contractors then leave the workers to complete the job with almost no supervision.

The lift issue is now a national problem and the government should conduct a detailed audit of all lifts. Were they even properly installed by foreign workers hired by contractors? Or did these workers follow manuals used in their countries? Were inferior materials used?

Lifts are not easily damaged and when they are, it is usually by renovation contractors. When it comes to condominiums, contractors are required to protect the lift interior prior to carrying out renovation works in any condominium unit. But where public housing is concerned, the town council is not even bothered about lifts being damaged. Proper oversight is an issue to be addressed.

PAP needs an urgent mindset change and cannot continue to ignore proper maintenance just because it does not generate any profit.

Hopefully we do not have to wake up one day to this headline – “All 400 lifts in a housing estate hit by power outage”.

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7 Responses to 20160623 “All 400 lifts in housing estate hit by power outage” soon?

  1. James says:

    People have seen how everything in Singapore is breaking down – literally ! The root cause is known to about 30% of Singaporeans but unfortunately not to the majority who think there is no connection between all these and the important decision they make once every 5 years. And in a nutshell, that is what is wrong with Sungapore !

  2. Brandon says:

    Singaporeans are retarded anyway, even Malaysians have bigger balls than them

  3. Darren says:

    How often do we see the lift under maintenance? ? Government wants to save the money so they wouldn’t want to spend those money for routine maintenance!

  4. confused says:

    I think it’s not very right to say that monies have not been spent on routine maintenance, my personal opinion is that whether the works were properly supervised and if those maintainance companies are glc related and are there to just make money by doing less? Or too many lifts because of skyrocketed developments in the last 10 years but with the same number of operators?
    It is not difficult to conclude if they were indeed so? Can’t cope.

    Or Is this another exercise to up their fees and make more monies?

    • Phillip Ang says:

      Money has certainly been spent but into whose pockets is really a very big question. I have ask my town council to confirm the number of grassroots members who have business dealings with the government. As usual, they want to understand where I am coming from and even a simple question requires me to meet up with VIP at the town council office. I declined. I have also questioned them on other issues pertaining to town council expenditure which again they also refused to answer. 😦
      I will be querying them further and post all my correspondence on another @ bloghttps://wordpress.com/stats/day/letterstostandtoday.wordpress.com

  5. confused says:

    It’s probably just like our overcrowded mrt train. Overloaded and Overworked?
    I have recently watched a documentary film called World Busiest featuring Japan rails which is deemed the world busiest railway network. You will be amazed that their train broke down more due to natural disasters like earthquake, typhoon than due to lack of maintainance, from the film.

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